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nursery waiting list so stressed out

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ElinElin Tue 14-May-13 08:55:01

My son is 3rd on the waiting list to start a nursery. The nursery are waiting for some parents to confirm their children are leaving to go to school. However I don't know how many and don't know if children who are already at the nursery are moving within the nursery. I just feel so stressed that they can't tell me when a place might become available and I need a place for him in September. I have looked at other nurseries but they are not as good as this one. Don't know what to do apart from wait impatiently.

Oblomov Tue 14-May-13 09:01:13

you need to be logical. If you NEED a place for sept, apply to ALL the nurseries. You can turn down all of the places. But make sure you actually get one. Then keep in contact with the nursery you really want. Ask to be contacted as SOON as they know.

ReetPetit Tue 14-May-13 20:23:28

I would have a back up plan tbh. You can not bank on 3 children leaving and also if someone else joins the waiting list begore sept and they live closer or are higher priority they will go ahead of you. Depending on type of nursery it is not done on time spent on waiting list...
If you NEED a place for sept, you really need to be on other lists/contacting local childminders or you could end up completely stuck.

cookielove Tue 14-May-13 22:02:31

I agree you should have a back up plan, however in September there is a huge intake and loads of movement within my nursery due to the fact that schools in our area only have one intake now (Sept) so loads of the 4 year olds leave during the summer, children move up through the rooms and usually at least 20 children are taken off the waiting lists smile

ElinElin Wed 15-May-13 08:26:27

It's a private nursery and my son is 3rd on the waiting list to start as soon as a space becomes available. Because it is a private nursery it does not go by distance or anything. So basically I am wondering what are the chances of a space becoming avaialble between now and September? Thanks for your replies. I like this nursery so much so if I have to wait until October I would try to arrange other childcare for that month. It's just the uncertainty and not knowing. And if I put his name down to start somewhere else I would usually have to pay a deposit to secure his place. Suppose I just have to hope for the best

Fuckwittery Wed 15-May-13 08:29:19

I'm surprised they don't have a date by which parents of 4 year olds should confirm if their children are going to school. can you ask the nursery how many 4 year olds they have on their books now as all of these should be starting in september.

jitterbug85 Wed 15-May-13 09:13:07

I am surprised that they cannot say when they can offer you a place. In the past settings I have worked in can forecast. You don't say how old your son is or how the rooms are set up. Generally if he is under 3 and each age group have their own room then those leaving for school won't affect the waiting list. But they should be able to say child X y z are due to turn 3 by September and will move into preschool room freeing up 3 spaces in the lower age group hence giving you a time frame.

I would get back in touch with them and explain your predicament and ask them to explain their allocations procedure. If they still can give you any certainties then make sure you have a back up plan even if this means paying a deposit which you then lose.

ElinElin Wed 15-May-13 10:19:05

Hi, my son is 2 and the rooms are divided into baby room, toddler room and preschool room. So my son would be in the toddler room. You usually move from toddler to preschool room at 2 1/2 to 3 (depending on the child they said). Also they said they have had some letters from parents confirming their child is leaving to go to school but that only freed up places for children already at the nursery moving from toddler room to preschool room and I suppose babies moving to toddler room. She said they are expecting some more children to leave but has not said how many and if more children in the nursery need space in the room my son is going to. But you are right looking at who is leaving for school and the ages of the kids in the nursery they should be able to predict. I think they might have afternoon spaces avaialble and I suppose if I am really desperate I can get my son to start 2 or 3 afternoons/ week and he would then get priority when a morning space is available since he would already be at the nursery

Coffeemorris Thu 09-Jul-15 18:37:19

I have exactly the same problem with my first choice nursery. It's impossible to get any definitive information out of them. It's surely not difficult to forecast?!
I feel it would be rude to point this out to them - I am trying to stay on their good side! They won't even tell me where my child is on the waiting list. It's hard to know how pushy to be

Nolim Fri 10-Jul-15 13:43:50

By forecasting do you mean using statistical instead of factual information? It would be irresponsible for the nursery to offer a place until they have s confirmed vacancy.

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