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awful incident at drop off this morning

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daisygatsby Tue 07-May-13 12:10:27

So dropped ds off at creche this morning and dh was waiting outside for me as usual.

i noticed dh was talking to someone and that it seemed to be getting a bit angry. turns out this guy was asking dh who he was and accused dh of being up to no good basically and said he was taking photos of the creche. dh got a bit angry and swore a few times at this man - who was also a parent at the creche although he initially said he worked there. another man then intervened.

Eventually the manager of the creche came out and spoke to us all separately.she was lovely and very apologetic - not that she needed to apologise.

I just feel sick about the whole situation. other families saw the argument but without having the context of the accusation would have just though my dh was a nutter swearing at some guy outside the creche.

i feel so sad that this has been brought into a place where my ds is supposed to be safe and cared for.

i feel i need to follow up with the creche in some way but not sure what to do

annh Tue 07-May-13 12:25:08

That's a very distressing experience for you and I can quite see why you are also upset about what other parents might have made of the situation.

The other man sounds a bit unhinged. If you dh normally waits for you, his face must be familiar to other parents dropping off at the same time? Did he recognise this other parent? How did the situation arise initially - did he have his phone out?

Mistakes happen but if I was the nursery manager I would be having very serious words with the other parent about over-reacting and, more worryingly, lying about being a member of staff.

daisygatsby Tue 07-May-13 12:28:01

thanks for the reply ann - yes, he did have his phone out, he was trying to contact me as I had been in there a while as ds was upset. we were later than usual dropping ds off so think we were all unfamiliar to one another. but how bizarre thats where your mind would immediately leap ,and if it did the thing to do is alert creche not take it upon yuorself to make accusations.

im so upset about this. maybe im overreacting as im pregnant and stressed abuot other things.

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