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Nursery staff or anybody who visited nursery before birth?

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Annadub123 Mon 25-May-15 19:43:26

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ghislaine Wed 15-May-13 11:10:46

I visited one very popular nursery at 7 months pregnant. DS is now 16 months and is still on the waiting list (he won't be going there but I haven't bothered to take him off the list). I also visited another nursery a few weeks ago - the waiting list is 2 years long.

You might feel silly but it will give you more choices in the long run. I would also try to visit as many nurseries that you might consider. A lot of mums I know rave about the first one I visited but I didn't like it at all. The more you see, the better you will know the one that's right when you do see it.

tricksybaby200 Tue 14-May-13 17:25:00

Visited at 3 months pregnant and reserved a place. £50 . Revisited once baby was 3 months old to check I could imagine him being there. Full time gets really booked up round us and I wanted the choice to be based on preference not availability.

TinyTear Fri 10-May-13 10:32:54

I visited at 36 weeks pregnant and then put the name down when the baby was one month old...

Mandy21 Wed 08-May-13 22:23:43

I think its generally neccessary with the good nurseries, the places are booked up very quickly. Just go and visit, have a chat with the staff. MOst will expect some sort of nominal payment which you would lose (generally) if you don't take up the place, but most nurseries use the deposit towards the 1st month's fees when you start.

Although it sounds strange, the alternative is not having a place at your preferred nursery. That must be more stressful (having to send your child to a nursery that isn't your 1st choice) than putting your name on a list.

cookielove Thu 02-May-13 20:47:55

We've had lots if parents visit the nursery before the babies are born. Quite common really, so don't feel uncomfortable with it smile

Most parents put there names down ASAP, due to our long waiting list. We've even had someone put there name down requesting a place they were due to start conceiving later in the year confused

Go to the nursery and ask what there policy is regarding placing names on waiting list. At mine we charge nothing for going on our waiting list (some do) then £75 when they accept the place. Which is given back on first payment.

I wouldn't worry about what might happen in the future, in regards to whether your child will suit nursery, just cross that bridge if you ever come to it. [Smile]

badguider Thu 02-May-13 16:02:19

I have heard that one of our three or four local nurseries is now taking babies for March 2014. Our wee boy will, if everything goes to plan, be six months in March 2014 and we'll be looking for 2 days a week nursery while I work (mainly from home, am self-employed).

I feel VERY weird about visiting a nursery now (22wks preg) as I feel like the pregnancy is only just safely established and I haven't even started to think about getting the little boy out safely nevermind putting him in nursery.

I don't know yet anything about what kind of personality he'll have or what kind of parents we'll be and what kind of routine (or not) we'll have.

If I go and visit and join a waiting list now will I be expected to make a commitment to the nursery now? Will I have to pay? What if something awful happens and our wee boy has some kind of special needs or just turns out that he won't suit nursery at all?

I have seen lots of lists of questions to ask the nursery, but at this point, before my first child is even born, I don't even know what answers I would want them to give!!!

Has anybody been in this situation or got any advice to give?

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