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Has anyone else's child been really ill since starting nursery?

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Psychobabble Thu 18-May-06 08:08:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

grumpyfrumpy Thu 18-May-06 08:13:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BettySpaghetti Thu 18-May-06 08:17:23

I remember DD being like this when she started nursery, and a friends little girl (18m) who started nursery about 6 months ago is going through it now -shes had several bouts of D&V, conjunctivitis, colds, chest infection etc.

Its quite normal and common -they are suddenly thrust into environments with lots of other children and adults so are bound to come into contact with something. Children also put things in their mouths, share toys etc so germs are easily spread.

If its any consolation DD is now 6yrs old and is rarely ill -not sure if its connected or not though?

Bozza Thu 18-May-06 08:28:16

It will definitely improve - I had this problem with both of mine when they started, although they also started at a younger age. I think it will probably improve over the summer, then maybe another run of colds over the winter and then this time next year he will have great immunity.

You are actually lucky to be allowed your 4 times off in a year. I don't get any so it is either unpaid (which I can't afford when still having to pay for a nursery and a childminder) or annual leave. Although with DS (5) sometimes DH can work at home while DS lays on the settee and watches TV - but DD (just 2) still needs her cuddles etc when she is poorly, and if she is not poorly but can't go to nursery (eg conjuncitivitis) she needs lots of running around after!

bluejelly Thu 18-May-06 08:43:21

Yes same thing happened to my dd... one of the big drawbacks of nurseries I reckon! But ever since she started school she has been fit as fiddle-- only missed one day in the last year. It will pay off eventually

plummymummy Thu 18-May-06 09:53:55

Yes ds (23 mo)has got every cold going since he started at 7.5 months. Hasn't needed to miss nursery for a long time now though. In the first 6 months it seemed like he was home more than he was at nursery and I felt very guilty about both him being unwell and also about missing work. I think it will get better, but I know exactly how you feel. It's very hard being a working mum as your responsibilities are split.

Psychobabble Thu 18-May-06 09:56:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bozza Thu 18-May-06 09:58:03

Oh yes the split between work and poorly babe is the worst thing about being a working Mum, I'm afraid. But it really should get better.

oliveoil Thu 18-May-06 10:02:23

dd1 started playgroup in September and since then she has been fine but dd2 (now 21 months) has been continually ill since then.


I am very lucky in that I have my MIL to cover for illness when I work but I deal with the vomiting, poo and sleepless nights!


sallycinnamon Thu 18-May-06 10:15:43

Same here. It felt like there was something every week. It did get better though and I'm hoping when she gets to school she'll be fine. I do think that parents (mums particularly) are pressured into leaving children at nursery who are quite obviously not well because they daren't take any more time off work. Its a horrible situation.

lizzythemonkey Thu 18-May-06 22:09:22

Yes, same here too - ds2 is now 10 mths and since starting at nursery two months ago has had one thing after another! i thought him being youngest of 3 would mean he was already immune to lots of it but it seems not.... He's only missed 1 week of nursery - he goes 2 days p/w - but I someitmes feel he is ill all the time he's not there... poor little thing. Still, I do genuinely believ it's good for their immunity in the long run....

nzshar Thu 18-May-06 23:06:28

Having worked in nurseries for many years this is what i often referred to as 'New Child Syndrome'. As others have said it will pass as their immunity builds up. It actually happens to the workers in nurseries too when they first start

MumtoBen Thu 01-Jun-06 19:41:06

My son started nursery aged 10 months and has been there for 6 months. He's had around 30 illnesses, including 8 V&D bugs and 4 ear infections. It turned out the cause of the V&D was the fact they were feeding him adult ready meals and the carpet in the baby room had NEVER been cleaned. And they were knowingly accepting children with V&D bugs. However, a new manager has sorted the problems out and he's only been ill a few times since in the last few months. It really affected my son, his personality changed and he didn't put on any weight for about 4 months. However, he's OK now and his weight has picked up. Might be worth a meeting with the nursery.

mysonsmummy Thu 01-Jun-06 19:45:49

exactly the same for ds hes four now but when we started nursery at 1 year he caught everything. really tiring. good thing is now hes in school hes immune to most things.

sandradee Thu 01-Jun-06 20:11:42

Phsychobabble, OMG - so the same for my DS. He went to nursery at 7 months and is now 14 months. During that time he has had the sick bug, bronchiolitis (hospitalised), tonislitis 4 times (once hospitalised) plus numerous colds and coughs. A dr told me that the average for the first year is 10 virus infections (I'm sure DS brings up the average to this since he must have had twice that) if the average one last 2 weeks that's 20 weeks a year they are ill (5 months!).

We have had to take time off work as well (we both are full time workers but DH wors shifts so DS is in nursery approx 3 days a week. It's very stressful. MIL has been wonderful and comes up when she can to look after him - it's best to keep them off when they are ill rather than put them in and risk getting iller. This is what happened pre-Xmas with the bronchiolitis. I'm told it does get better but you are definitely not alone.

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