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nursery - waiting list - being messed around

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ElinElin Wed 24-Apr-13 10:35:31

I handed in my registration form to a nursery 3 months ago for my son to start in September. I phoned them up 3 weeks after handing the form in to check all was ok. They said yes your son is 1st on the waiting list and you should have an offer letter soon. It is now over a month ago so I phoned up yesterday to check all was ok. I was shocked to hear them say that my son is now 3rd on the waiting list. I asked how can that be since he was 1st on the waiting list a month ago and I was reassured he will have a place in September. They said that 2 children who were meant to start in May did not get a place. Surely they should have explained that in the first place. They should in that case say if all the children get a place in May etc then your son will be 1st on the waiting list. I am furious. It is a really nice nursery and the only full time montessori one in the area. But I don't know what to do now. It's like I am indefinetely hanging on. Do I look for another nursery? If I do I probably have to sign him up now and pay deposit and then what if they then do have a place in September after all? Dont' know what to do?

Bramshott Wed 24-Apr-13 10:41:20

Loads of spaces free up in nurseries in Sept when the bigger children move on to school. That said, it must be worrying not to have the place confirmed. Do you need the nursery place for a return to work?

ElinElin Wed 24-Apr-13 10:54:39

Bramshott- That is exactely what I thought about September and that is also what the nursery said previously. But yesterday they seemed unsure and said the kids from the other rooms will be moving on to the 'older room' and there is not much movement with kids leaving the nursery. Yes I am returning to work so really need the childcare. And I really wanted a Montessori nursery and there are not that many around. I really want what is best for my son. Just don't know what to do. I have sent them an email to see if they can find out why I was given incorrect information and if they can somehow resolve it. Really want to phone them up again and speak to the mangager to see if there is any solution. I don't know how long to wait for a reply from the email before I phone them up. It probably seems like I am pestering them but I really want to sort this out

LucyLui25 Wed 24-Apr-13 12:10:30

I am unable to tell any of my parents that they will have a place untill the end of June towards of middle of July when I know for certain that children are moving on, last year I had to retrac 2 offers as parents then changed their minds about moving their child on. It is a really difficult and can be quite stressful time ( I hate doing place allocations). They should have an admissions policy which will highlight how children are excepted and how the waiting list works e.g. if someone can jump ahead and why this will be avaliable upon request. Good luck

ElinElin Thu 25-Apr-13 13:01:24

I have phoned up again and now been told he is 11th on the list. It is becoming rediculous now. I think what they are probably doing is anyone who handed in application after me but wanted an earlier start date has been given a place whilst my ds is being put furhter and further down the list. It is a private nursery, LucyLui would they still have an admissions polciy? thanks

AuntySammy Fri 26-Apr-13 00:24:39

A good nursery will give you a start date or let you decide when your son starts and will be honest with you. This does not sound professional, organised or good. I would look for another nursery - a good nursery will let your son start straight awy as long as he is old enough for the nursery and there is space. Otherwise they will ask you to wait and inform you that he can start as soon as space becomes available. for a term time only nursery this means September for an all year round nursery this means at the end of July when children begin to elave for school as the nursery funding finishes then as funding is only provided during term time.

Bramshott Fri 26-Apr-13 08:22:12

Hmm - that doesn't sound good. I'd be looking around for somewhere else.

LucyLui25 Fri 26-Apr-13 12:16:19

Agreed, I always give a rough idea of when a space may become avaliable and explain the process e.g. I will offer you the place in writing by such a date/ month .
They obviously are in a situation where they do not need to worry about loosing families and children, lucky them. They should still have an admissions policy it is best practice. I agree that it maybe time to look for another setting. Have you paid an admin/ registration fee?

ElinElin Sun 05-May-13 14:28:46

Thanks for your replies. No I haven't paid any fees yet. I do agree that it seems unorganised. I phoned them again and the manager explained that even though I handed form in in January because I wanted September start then people who handed the form in after me but want their child to start before September would get a place first. This means that my DS could me moving down that list forever. I explained to them that if I had known this was their procedure I would have put him down to start ASAP . She agreed they had not communicated this well and said she would put my son on the ASAP list and there might be a place for him in September . Still not guaranteed. I really like the nursery but it feels a bit like I have issues before ds even started. I am finding it so hard to find suitable nursery that ticks all the boxes . I am going to have a look at another one in 2 weeks . Thanks for advice

Theonlyoneiknow Sun 05-May-13 14:40:12

Same as where my DCs go. People who want start dates before you get priority as its obviously income to them. I had to pay 6 weeks of fees for a space I wasnt using just so i was gyaranteed a place for when I did need it.

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