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Arrears of old nursery

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altovi Wed 10-Apr-13 15:38:11


I am going to be very open and honest and I expect backlash from people!

I recently removed my two children from their nursery as the relationship between the nursery manager and I had broken down.

I had gotten into arrears due to unforseen financial circumstances which I was open and honest about with the nursery and set up a payment plan to pay this off - which I adhered to I have receipts and bank statements to show this.

However; in the week before the children were due to leave the manager decided to breach the terms and conditions of this pre-set payment plan and was demanding I pay twice the amount I had already offered and had been paying.

I explained I couldnt afford this big increase but could still offer and pay what I had been.

I left the nursery and I decided to write the offer in a letter so I had some sort of evidence that I had done this. I received a voicemail on my phone that night from the manager calling me very name under the sun and threatening me and my children. I still have this recorded. Also a gentleman whom I seen at the nursery came round and hammered on my door but as I was at home with the children alone I didnt answer it.

Since then I have been sent a small claims form through money claim online which I have answered offering an amount; but I have also received a solicitors letter threatening to take court action after I had already replied to these other proceedings.

I have corresponded to the nursery politely and sent several offer letters but just keep getting ignored.

Dont know what to do? I only work part time so cant afford a lot; i have debts so my credit rating isnt good so a loan is out of the question

I have tried to offer and be reasonable but dont seem to be getting anywhere

yani Wed 10-Apr-13 15:51:46

Gosh, it sounds like you are under a lot of stress at the moment.

I would advise contacting

I'm sure they could offer some sort of mediation between you both.

I know you already are, but please keep a log of all contact between the nursery and you.

Good luck.

Tanith Wed 10-Apr-13 16:04:44

I think you should definitely get advice: the CAB are very good - take a look at their website and make an appointment to see them.

It's good that you are already trying to pay off the arrears. Don't be pressured into paying more than you can afford.

What this nursery is doing is illegal. They are not allowed to harass or intimidate you. If it happens again, I would have no hesitation in reporting them to the police.

Financial problems hit most of us at some time or other and I don't think anyone here would criticise you for doing your best to repay the debt.

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