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Need a good nursery in/around West Hampstead!

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Strumpa Tue 09-Apr-13 21:52:09

I am due to start work in July and need a nursery place for my then 1-year old around the Nw6 area. Can anyone recommend a good nursery? Heard that Fordwych nursery is good but cant get much info online. Also checking out Teddies (any recommendations here?). Asquith seems ok and heard good things about Active Learning but too expensive... Appreciate all comments/advice I can get!!

blueblackdye Thu 11-Apr-13 18:33:30

Hello, Active Learning is the only nursery that is up to my expectations and requirements. Yes it is expensive but I feel confident that my child will be well looked after. The other ones I have visited in the area were smelly, dirty, rooms were not practical and did not offer the same range of activities. My son has been to Active Learning since he was 11 mo, he will leave this summer to start school and there is no doubt I wil send my second child to Active Learning as well. He is very happy there, almost cries when I pick him up in the evening because he wants to stay and play. My only advice is find the childcare you are 100% happy with, otherwise guilt will be horrendous. Good luck

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