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15 Hours Free Childcare - anyone with experience of Lambeth council processes?

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SarahDyer Tue 09-Apr-13 14:59:57

Does anyone know how long it typically takes to be credited with the "15 hours" fee reduction on nursery fees?
We live in Lambeth & my daughter attends a private nursery in Herne Hill/Dulwich area, 2 full days each week. She was 3 in Jan 2013 & should be eligible for allowance from 1st April 2013.
The nursery have my daughter's birth certificate & my signed declaration re wanting to claim the allowance. Apparently, the nursery now waits for Lambeth to contact them before the grant or fee reduction or however I should describe it is made. Then, I assume, I'll receive a revised invoice & can amend my standing order payments to the nursery etc etc.
Easter may well delay the admin & perhaps it is routine that these things are back-dated ... But, bottom line: I haven't received any notification re the reduction & have no sense when I'm likely to.
Grateful to hear the experience of any more experienced heads!

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