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help... twickenham/ brentford nurseries

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desiree20 Tue 02-Apr-13 22:08:02

I am 32 weeks pregnant and stressing about going on maternity and when I need to go back to work. I have been calling getting quotes from nurseries in the twickenham area and the cheapest I have been quoted is £1400 per calender month, I dont understand why childcare is so expensive. I really need to go back to work as my husbands income is not enough to cover all the bills and still live comfortably. But i dont know what cheaper childcare options i have as i only come out with £1600 after tax and its pointless working monday to friday from 8 till 6 , so there woukd be no point going back to work if I am only going to come out with £200 if that after paying nursery fees... help.... I cant not work , what options do i have where I could pay under £1000 a month???

I have been looking at nurseries in twickenham, brentford, richmond, ealing

Ktay Tue 02-Apr-13 22:19:14

Have you looked at childminders? In Richmond/Twickenham they are similar price to nurseries but seem to be more affordable in Isleworth if that's an option? Alternatively, you might find a nanny share works out cheaper than nursery although probably not less than £1000 a month.

Does your/your DH's employer operate a childcare voucher scheme? Worth enrolling now if so - and if not, bear in mind that you should be eligible for some help towards childcare costs under the new scheme announced in the latest Budget.

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 19:20:39

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