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Probably silly questions from a self-employed mum-to-be

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badguider Fri 29-Mar-13 11:32:16

I am self-employed and will need childcare for two days a week from 5months onwards in order to allow me to do some teaching I do and make client visits. I hope to eventually work 2.5-3days but manage the other 0.5-1 day a week in evenings, nap times and when DH can take the LO.

I am leaning towards nursery because it will be hard enough for me to cover days when my own child is ill without having to worry about days when a childminder is too. Also, I may struggle to cover childminder holidays and cannot always be flexible enough to take my holidays at the same time as theirs if i've committed to a client's project. (There are at least four nurseries in a five minute walk of my house).

One other thing, as well as nurseries not closing for family holidays like cms do, was that I thought they'd either open on bank hols or not charge. But i've just seen a thread that says most DO charge for bank hols.

If I can't earn because i'm looking after my LO but I am ALSO paying for a day nursery then I will not break even that month (it's going to be really tight as it is, but keeping my business going is important if i'm going to have the flexibility of self-employment in the school years).

So, can I just check from those who know, who've been through this before - is this usually the case? And if so, can I just avoid Mondays and choose two other days to minimise this? I think the four christmas/new year bank hols are the only ones that aren't on a monday is that right? (as i'm s-e i'm not that tuned into the idea of bh's).

Thanks for any thoughts/advice...
[maybe I should have posted this on the freelance/s-e board too?]

BackforGood Fri 05-Apr-13 17:55:12

Hi Badguider. I don't think Reetpetit was being nasty. If you only need 2 days a week, and it doesn't matter which 2 days you work, then it's pretty much a no-brainer to not choose a Monday if you are concerned about having to pay for BHs.
However, I think you'd be wrong to write off CMs because of possibility of no cover in case of illness. IME, CMs are much more willing to have children who aren't quite 100%, than Nurseries are - I just don't recognise the scenario so many post of on here about child being sent home / child having to be away for so many days. IME CMs just don't take sick days - they tend to 'soldier on'. IME CMs tend to be able to be more flexible and usually charge for hours used, rather than 1/2 day sessions, so it can work out cheaper, depending of course on what hours you need.
The holiday thing isn't usually an issue for most people - CMs tend to give lots of notice and, again, IME are sometimes prepared to work with you if they can. It might not be an issue if you can move your work around a bit, if you are only working 2 days a week anyway.

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 19:06:49

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RemindMeWhatSleepIs Fri 05-Apr-13 19:13:52

My nursery is closed on bank holidays and doesn't charge for them. Well worth asking around. Seems odd that a nursery would charge for a service it isn't offering!

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