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How many managers being dismissed is too many?

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anonononon Wed 06-Mar-13 20:11:38

Hi, name changed, as this is likely to out me to those who live near here!

Happy with nursery, and the care that both boys (nearly 2 and nearly 4) get BUT, one manager was dismissed about 18 months ago. Not sure for what, but suspect the fact that the deputy (her sister), and 2 members of staff (her daughter, and recently recruited son) disappeared at the same time offers an answer!

The replacement deputy resigned at Christmas - due to family health issues apparently.

The replacement manager, who has been there about a year, has just been suspended for suspected racism.

Is there a fundamental issue with the nursery which means we should consider looking elsewhere? Or since I am happy with the care the staff give, should I keep and eye on what happening, but stay with them.

In terms of my comfort with nurseries, location and price, it comes out on top for all 3.

Sorry, a lot of info there. If you got through it all, have you any thoughts?

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