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Packed lunch not allowed at nursery

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BimbaBirba Sat 16-Feb-13 21:30:30

I agree, the aim should be to encourage him to have the same foo as everyone else.
Apparently Friday was a bit better and he did pick at his food. I'm feeling more positive and I think I'll forget about this issue for now. He can always eat when he comes home at 1. One needs to pick her battles!

insancerre Sat 16-Feb-13 11:20:44

Some nurseries have a blanket ban on food from home, because of allergies to nuts, eggs, etc.
They enforce this very strictly.
I agree they should be working with you, but they can impose any restrictions they like really, it's their premises.
FWIW, I have had success with refusers by going at their pace and gently introducing them to the mealtime expereince.
I have found that if you start giving alternatives, then you have lost the battle.

dribbleface Fri 15-Feb-13 15:06:16

They should be working with you to ensure his needs are met. I would be questioning their policy and asking for a clearer explanation of why not.

If the things he likes are quite basic and readily available in most nurseries why can they not incorporate some of these things into the day. I wouldn't recommend they give it instead of the usual food but maybe give them all that sort of thing for tea, meaning he eats something he enjoys. This might help him relax at meal times

Have you asked about the bowl/spoons they use? May be very different from at home (depending on age).

Also at my nursery food refusers are encouraged to give the food a kiss if they do not want to eat it. It helps relax them to try new things without being overly encouraged to eat.

BimbaBirba Thu 14-Feb-13 11:48:09

I'm having a real nightmare of settling in my DS at nursery and he's just refusing food altogether. Today I suggested that I could give him some food that he loves from home just for this initial period. For example he would always have grapes and bread and shredded cheese. I was told an abrupt no to packed lunch (not sure this would be one anyway) for insurance purposes. Apparently only weaning food is allowed which that say is puréed food. He's never even had puréed food so that's totally rubbish.
I'm sure my other kids have been to nurseries that only allowed but they actually encouraged packed lunch.
Am I being told a lie or is it actually normal for nurseries not to allow food from home?

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