this is probably a very stupid question: about moving from childcare to a free nursery place

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quesadilla Wed 23-Jan-13 16:12:37

Sorry but I just don't understand how this works and haven't read the government website and mumsnet I'm still no clearer: my dd is with a childminder (usually) four days a week. I understand that you get 15 (?) hours a week free from the age of three but does that mean that the govt. will pay for 15 hours at your usual childminder? or do you have to move your child to a govt-run nursery for that time? And does this still apply if you work full time? Sorry if this sounds daft but I just don't get it....

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insancerre Wed 23-Jan-13 17:35:53

The 15 hours free entitlement is available from the beginning of the term after your child is 3.
The 15 hours are term time only but can be spread out over a longer period if you don't use the full 15 hours a week.
You can use the grant at a pre-school, a nursery school or a private day nursery. Some cms will let you use them but they have to be accredited (i.e have the qualifictions to offer education)
You should be able to send your child for teh 15 hours and have nothing to pay but if you use any hours outside these 15 you will have to pay. Snacks are included but not meals, so if you use 2 lots of sessions in one day you will ahve to pay for lunch.
The nursery/pre-school will apply on your behalf but you will have to sign a headcount form at the setting.
It doesn't matter if you work or you don't- the grant is for the benefit of the child and is not a contribution towards childcare costs- it's for early years education.

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