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Nursery - procedure for share information between staff

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tacal Fri 18-Jan-13 12:59:02

thank you for this. I thought there should be a board for these things to be on. I really dont think they have one. I asked them not to give him something he choked on. He has some eating difficulties which could be due to a tongue tie. I checked with them this week to see if the staff had remember this and was told no one in the room was aware of this. They did not know he had choked and stuggled to get this food up and out/then vomitted. They didnt know I had said dont give him this food again.(I should have put it in writing but it has never been the procedure). Also, the tongue tie/eating difficulties info has not been passed on as he moved rooms. I will have to have a meeting with them about this. You have been really helpful, thank you

dribbleface Fri 18-Jan-13 09:36:31

If it's an allergy they should be asking you to complete a protocol, to ensure they have all the relevant information. We ask for all parent instructions of this nature to be made in writing. These are then added to each rooms allergy/preference board, the one in the kitchen/office and on the child's file. This would also go in the handover book.

Hope that helps

tacal Thu 17-Jan-13 21:56:45

Thank you dribbleface and TiggyD for your replies. I am going to ask the nursery if they have a book. How do you deal with an instruction from a parent that is a permanent instruction. Eg my child has never to eat xxx. How would all members of staff know that ds is not to eat that food?

TiggyD Thu 17-Jan-13 20:40:53

Most nurseries have a book with the day's messages in. I think communication is one thing that nearly all nurseries could improve on.

dribbleface Thu 17-Jan-13 13:57:23

You are not asking too much. Effective communication is something we train staff in frequently (Nursery manager).

Daily communication should be easy to manage. In our nursery we write these notes in a handover book(effectively a diary), which all staff read when starting their shift. Having said that some teams seem to be rubbish at it, and this is when the manager needs to step in to resolve the problems.

tacal Wed 16-Jan-13 22:53:04

The nursery my ds has attended since he was 9 months old (he is now 4) has always had a big staff turnover. They also rotate staff between rooms a lot. I know that I should have moved ds to another nursery along time ago but I did not for various reasons ( too long to mention).

The main problem I have is with communication. If I communicate something to one member of staff (even the room supervisor) this communication does not reach all members of staff. So some members of staff who are looking after ds may not be aware of something that I think is very important.

Just wondering how most good nurseries manage to communicate things to their staff. Or am I asking too much.

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