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Moving to a new area - can I put my child on a nursery waiting list in advance?

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hackneybird Sun 13-Jan-13 15:15:08

We're due to exchange/complete in about 4-6 weeks. My DS is three and has been going to a CM since he was 8months, but now qualifies for the 15 hours free every week. I wanted to wait until I registered him with a nursery until we had moved.

Does anyone know if I can put him down on waiting lists now? We're moving to walthamstow and I understand waiting lists there are long (so maybe even trying to do it 6 weeks in advance is a bit pointless!).

ilovepowerhoop Sun 13-Jan-13 17:05:56

nurseries are not like school and you can register your lo wherever you want as there arent catchment areas for them.

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