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Little Unicorn Columbus Courtyard

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Mumlovingit Thu 20-Dec-12 21:27:15

Thanks so much Emsmaman !! Much appreciated. I am so nervous cause DS has never been without me in the past year. So many thoughts in my head that I cant sleep...but its great (and such a relief) to know that your little one is eating and sleeping well :-) Re Illness - hmm.. Im planning to go back 4 days a week . . .not looking forward to this :-(


Emsmaman Thu 20-Dec-12 21:09:12

Hi I don't know about that particular nursery but to answer your other questions:
1. food: my DD started nursery pt at 12 mo and wouldn't really eat her meals there for the first couple of months. I advised them to give extra bottles of milk if she didn't eat, and they gave snacks like rice cakes, bread sticks, fruit at other times of day that she would gobble up if she was starving. I was pleased that they understood not to force her to sit at the table if she wouldn't eat, they let her go off to play. Now at 20mo she is a brilliant eater, I'm sure that the "peer pressure" pays off plus they have taught her how to feed herself with a spoon so we've skipped that messy stage at home.
2. All of the nurseries I visited were fine about rocking/cuddling DD to sleep, I was embarassed to ask but when you visit you will likely see the staff doing this with others, and a lot of baby rooms have rocking chairs etc for the staff. I was sooo worried about the sleep issue, it was my main concern, but DD has NEVER had a problem sleeping at nursery despite being a shocking sleeper at home.
3. YY to the illness. Depressing though it is, don't book holidays during your first year back, you WILL need that annual leave! Since the weather has changed, I can't remember the last time I worked all my normal days in a week. Recently I had a call from the nursery at 10am on a Monday to come pick her up, I thought "well that's my week f*cked then". Be aware that if the babies have diarrhoea for example you need to keep them off for a2 least a day after the last loose nappy. This one is particularly difficult with weaning/teething as I'm sure sometimes it's not actually sickness. Will you work ft or pt? I work pt and have had to resort to switching my work days the last few weeks as I only have 1 day of annual leave left until April - I appreciate most places wouldn't be this accommodating though!

Good luck x

Mumlovingit Thu 20-Dec-12 17:56:26

Hi, any reviews for Little Unicorn Columbus Courtyard please ? Also, would love to know from the experienced mums how do nurseries feed the babies meals , I mean my son is almost 1 yr but I need to keep him distracted and make sure he eats all his meals but surely nurseries don't do that. Also, I rock him to sleep for his day time naps - how does this work once they are in nursery ? I also hear that babies tend to get ill often once they are in day care - how do you deal with this once you go back to work ?

Thanks in advance from a nervous mum !

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