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Recommendation for nursery school / pre-school / playgroup in Finsbury Park / Crouch End area

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n4mum Tue 27-Nov-12 20:07:30

I am looking for a good (preferably small) nursery school / pre-school for my DD from Sept 2013 when she will be 2 & 9 months (i.e., rising 3).

We don't need the place for childcare but more for her development. My preference would be that she does short sessions probably 3 times a week - she's quite shy and I think needs nurturing in this sort of environment. I also don't want to leave it too long and end up with her not having had to settle with large groups before we hit school age.

We don't need the long hours that normal day nurseries provide and I'm tempted to go for a smaller place with shorter hours that is focussed on the environment / learning there rather than primarily being a childcare place. Any help? I know of most of the big day nurseries around here but am struggling to find other options. We live in Stroud Green (between Finsbury Park and Crouch End) but willing to travel a little to the right place. Does anyone have any experience of the Montessori nurseries for example, or other options?

Any advice / recommendations?

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