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Tantrum at nursery- what can I do? Advice v welcome

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lizardqueenie Fri 16-Nov-12 14:15:00

Dd started at nursery 2 weeks ago, just doing mornings but as I am going back to work soon she'll be doing 2 full days from next week.

We have had some tears but she is getting better each time, initially didn't let the nursery lady change her nappy but this is now all ok & there's no problem with that. They report that everything is getting ether each time, dd comes home & tells me things she's done with a big smile & I feel we are building a great relationship with them.

However, dd has been having some tears/ tantrums about halfway through the morning which are more like a very cross tantrum where she shouts & screams very load but there are not many tears. The room oleander says that is very clear my dd has good language skills for her age so has been exposing to her not to scream & shout like that & trying to get her involved in an activity. I do increasingly recognise this kind of behaviours from dd at home when she can't get her own way/ is feeling a bit tired. I really want to do the right thing to help my dd both at home & at nursery but I am a bit stumped as to how best handle this. Unfortunately my DH has been quite unwell recently, in & out of hospital & still undergoing some tests it couldn't be worse timing really for me to return to wok & dd start nursery but we are where we are. I just can't think creatively at the moment as to the best way to support my dd & the nursery. I am sure (hope) that this will settle down but would be great if anyone could give advice on what I could/ should do. Thank you

happystory Fri 16-Nov-12 14:29:08

I really don't think there's anything YOU can do. Toddler tantrums are instantaneous and very much of the moment. And absolutely normal! The nursery worker is doing the right/best thing by distracting her. It'll pass.

lizardqueenie Fri 16-Nov-12 16:59:28

Thanks Happy. I guess that they are letting me know as they have to but I didnt know if there was an expectation that that there is something as a parent I should be trying to do. I think the fact that its all pretty new to her means that hopefully once she is she is settled in nursery those kinds of tantrums will settle too.

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