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Nursery in Hendon for 12 months old

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My2012baby Thu 15-Nov-12 16:15:53

I'm looking into day care for next year when I go back to work. I will hopefully only do 3 days a week but they will be full time. We just moved to Hendon. From my initial online research there are only 2 Asquith nurseries here I hendon that would take him for the full day 8-6pm. Anyone has any experience with either Hendon Asquith nursery or any other that I don't know the existence of?

Also their fees are soooo high, almost 80 pounds a day. I know nothing about nannies, but imagine once you calculate cost per hour it can't be much different when nursery is so expensive? How much do you pay your nannies and how do you go about finding one?

Last option would be childminder.. What is exactly the difference with a nanny? Would a cm definitely have many children at the same time?

Thank you all.. As you can tell by my question I am first time mom and also new to the UK so I am pretty lost in all this!

pickcherries Thu 15-Nov-12 19:54:16

Hello, don't know about the two Asquith nurseries, but can recommend Magic2 in Finchley central which is down the road from Hendon, with lower fees at £67 a day.

Nanny rates will be higher and as a employer you would be responsible for her tax etc, childminders rates are very similar to nursery rates and they can care for 6 under 8s at any one time (only 3 being under 5)

Good luck with your search! X

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