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Mace Montessori, Wandsworth Road

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elizabethtailored Tue 30-Oct-12 09:16:14

Does anyone have any information about this nursery please? I am looking at it for my one year old and have been round but just wondering if anyone had any personal experience please?

Thank you.

erin99blake Wed 31-Oct-12 09:16:04

Hi both my children have gone to mace montessori and am really happy. It is a very caring nursery and always had time to listen to my worries and fears as I was a very nervous mum first time round. Settling was done very sensitively and it helped me to go back to work without any worries. My ds was very much loved and well cared for. He left to go to school this September and he is very advanced compared to the other children in his class because he is so confident, independant, as well as educationally he can now read and write, knows basic geography, and he can count up to one hundred and do basic addition and subtraction. My dd started in the baby room when she was 9 months old and now I can say I have had experience of all of the rooms, as my ds started there when he was older. The baby room staff like all the other staff are very loving, and their paperwork is amazing because I like to look at my dd's file to see what she is doing while I am at work. They take lots of photographs and the write ups are very informative. The reporting at the end of the day is good too. I found second time round was easier because I knew the staff and knew what to expect. The staff also are different ages so its a good mix of older staff and younger staff working the rooms together. If you are still unsure and want to pm me please do. By the way have you looked at other nurseries because it is always good to compare. I went to look at Magic roundabout and Asquith in Stockwell and thought they were not good for me. I know Magic have loads of ofsted complaints and asquith are now closed down so I know choosing Mace was the right choice for me.

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