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Costings - Help Please

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Moving to a new job and town. Of several nurseries I have looked into, one stands out as that one i think i'd like to use - main reasons being that they offer care up to 12yrs (alot only offering under 5 care), pre-school funded sessions

My queries are:

Is it normal for some nurseries to take all ur sessions, add them up throughout the year and charge you the same every month?

I've done the costing myself for 2 children - £435 a month - reasonable?! Crazy?! I don't know! Currently I am paying CM £30pw every week and nursery £36pw term time and approx £120pw outwith term time

HELP please smile

Oh that costing is for morning sessions only 8am-1pm

dribbleface Thu 18-Oct-12 20:50:25

Yes normal for nurseries to average it as it saves messing about with payments each month.

By my rough calculations you currently pay £377 a month if worked out on a 39 week term time basis, so more for new nursery but may be normal for area, and convenience of having them in the same place

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