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Recommendations of preschool/nursery in High Wycombe good for clingy children please

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BoyMeetsWorld Thu 29-Nov-12 19:27:54

Don't know if you've found one but Priory Day nursery are really good with clingy children

EBDTeacher Wed 10-Oct-12 20:39:05

I think these guys sound really nice and they are near you.

I have no personal experience of them BTW but if I was in that area I would definitely go and visit.

ACJ1 Wed 10-Oct-12 14:20:13

My son is due to start preschool in January (3 in a few weeks time) but I'm really worried about his happiness there. I'm not sure he can cope with me leaving him straight away or with 5 days to start with, both things our closest one (Bowerean) seem to expect.
I'd really like it to go well straight from the beginning but I would rather find a place where I can stay until he's a bit more comfortable and I think he'd be better with a more relaxed environment and teachers who can cuddle if they need to.
He has been lucky enough to have me at home his whole life so I know it is going to be hard. He is especially shy and clingy in new environments!
Thanks for any advice.

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