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manjurnair Tue 18-Sep-12 21:17:44


I started taking my son who is 3 years and 4 months to the Nursery. We had two days of settling down sessions, where on the first day I was supposed to play with him and make him used to everything, and on the second day, be present but dont roam around with him. But my son was clinging on to me all the time. On the second day, the teacher asked me to be away for half an hour, so I went out & waited just outside the door, but I could hear his loud cries all the time.

Yesterday (his third day) I left him at the regular time and came back home, but got a call from the teacher within 90 minutes asking me to come and pick him as he was very distracted and crying the whole time.

Today, I didnt get a call during the three hours and I was really happy. But when I went to pick him, the teacher told me that he slept off in the couch after crying.

My son is very good at drawing, colouring and too good at puzzles. So both the days I had left him when he was involved in his colouring or puzzles at the nursery. But even though he was busy with his work, he kept re-iterating that Mummy, dont go.

At home he keeps telling he will not go to nursery. the problem is not the nursery or the teachers, the problem is that he needs me to be there with him. He has an elder sister who hasnt given me a single problem till date. I used to take him to play groups (parent toddler session) but there too he used to play only when I was present. He tells me some times that he can go to nursery only if mummy comes with him.

I am very disturbed. I really dont know what to do. I read many forums but in most of them the kids settle after the parent leaves which is not the same in my case.

Please help me with your suggestions.

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BigFatLegsInWoolyTIghts Wed 19-Sep-12 09:13:00

Well give it time....he's just like my older daughter who took a whole year to get used to being away from me.

He needs to get his confidence and as he continues going, he will get can take weeks before some kids stop crying when they are left.

It is very hard on you to see him upset....but he will get used to it and it's good to begin now with leaving you or school will be even harder when it comes around.

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