millenium first step nursery hitchin?

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summerfreckles Mon 17-Sep-12 10:18:58

hello all,
anyone familiar with this nursery? thinking of having my 8 months old DD with them as it's so easy to get to the train. Other choices are Kindersmill or Highbury. What do you think?

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OhTinky Wed 19-Sep-12 10:04:58

I'm not familiar with it - I understand it's a Montessori nursery under new management and has only been open a few weeks/months. Might be worth a visit as like you say it's handy for commuting.

Kinders Mill has just received an outstanding ofsted (if that's the sort of thing which interests you). Highbury, I don't know, believe it has, or had, a long waiting list to join. Definitely visit all of them and ask lots of questions!

DaisySparks Thu 27-Sep-12 21:58:17

What about Toad Hall nursery, Hitchin?

BobbinUp Mon 19-Nov-12 11:17:59

Hi, not sure if you are still looking at this but I have just posted about Millenium on the local board. Change of owners last new year has had very poor effect on the nursery in my view.

We took both ours out in June this year although DD would have left for pre school anyway but ds had only just started in baby room. Owners unpleasant and in my view deceitful! As per my other thread (under local user name) they have misued our letter of thanks to the nursery staff on their website suggesting we we sorry to leave millenium. Def not the case. Staff numbers cut to the quick, dreadful agressive staff management has led to many leaving, letters to parents which were bordering on rude! They misled parents as to staff changes .. I could go on.. Its got a great location and some fab staff working there but management style definitely not for us...

sazzylouise Mon 24-Jun-13 15:17:16

Hiya just repyling to previous messages on here. I just want to make you all aware that the nursery is under new management this year from january. Both are well qualified and have lots of experience that they are using within the nursery. The reccomendations that were given by ofsted before their start date have been carried out. The early years advisor teacher has awarded a green award (highest award) for their RAG which is a guide for the nursery and ofsted about how well they meet the curriculum giudance.

Also just want to assure you that all staff are qualified or working towards their qualifications and are very warm and caring towards all the children, putting the childrens needs first always. There is a qualified montossori teacher, a level 6 member of staff and both managers working towards their level 5.

The nursery is situated near the hitchin train station and is a very popular nursery for those needing to commute with their extended opening hours.

There are also other parent reccomendations on the website which are well worth a look as they are great recent comments on the nursery.

My advice to those looking for a hitchin nursery for their children is to make an appoipment at millennium first steps nursery and bring any questions along with you. I can assure its a lovely place to bring your children and you wont be disappinted.

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