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Can anyone recommend at good nursery in Potters Bar for 12m+

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Mummy2Alexia Mon 23-Jul-12 10:31:24

I am looking for a nursery for our DD in Potters Bar. As first time parents we are still trying to get our head round everything to be aware of/ ask/ consider etc when looking into nurseries and I'm sure it'll be the same for schooling.
Presently both my husband and I work from home (me - parttime) and I only go into work 2 mornings a week. This proves and ideal arrangement and I realise how lucky we are however I believe it would be good for our DD to get more social interaction with other babies her age.
Does anyone have any recommendations in regards to nurseries in Potters Bar that take pre-toddlers? I know of Head Start and Star Jumps (at the children centre) only.
Would love to hear from you! Thanks smile

Jcee Mon 23-Jul-12 21:55:14

I use head start in crews hill which are part of the same chain as the one in potters bar and I have been really pleased with them - DD went from 10 months old and loves it. Obviously each nursery is different but they have the same policies and approach to childcare and there is very low staff turnover - the staff move between the 3 nurseries during the holidays and I've always found the staff to be experienced, well trained and caring.

I would go and visit a few nurseries to compare, chat to the staff about routines, types of activities they do and see how you feel when you see the nursery, how the children and staff are and you'll get a good feel - trust your instincts!

babySophieRose Sat 05-Jan-13 22:41:45

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lolamae Sun 06-Jan-13 13:08:31

Hi i
I dont know how far you would travel, but mine go to Goldstar on Baker street in Enfield which isn't that far from Potters bar. My kids absolutely love it at Goldstar and what makes them different is the learning and teaching aspect, which i didn't find in any other nursery and of course the care and attention all the kids get their. Also, they were recently inspected by Ofsted and got Outstanding. Read the report on the Ofsted web site it really is fantastic, as a parent it is very reassuring to know my kids are in such excellent hands!

racheyp Fri 05-Apr-13 20:05:25

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