Nurseries near West Hampstead, Willesden Green, Queen's Park, Kensal Green, Shepherd's Bush

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Hpbp Fri 27-Jul-12 14:19:17

Manu, I live in WH and have been sending my 3.9yo boy to Active Learning for almost 3 years. He loves it and I am quite happy too. You can call them and ask for the registration process. Depending on the age group, availibility differs. Good luck.

Manu72 Wed 18-Jul-12 22:47:32

I am new to all this, as I am expecting my first child in October. I am looking to find a nursery place for the baby when she is 1 year old, so for next October, as I would need to go back to work.
As we are looking to move in one of the above areas, is there any recommendation for any nursery that would accept a 1-year old? When would I need to be put on a waiting list? How does it all work?
I am either looking for a good state one or not outrageously expensive private ones.
Apologies if this topic has been touched before.

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