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Mace Montessori Nursery - Chiswick / General Nursery advice

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MammaLeDuc81 Mon 16-Jul-12 12:04:32

Hi All,

I am new to Mums Net and am hoping this post will actually make it on the site!

My 8 month old daughter is due to start at Mace Montessori Hammersmith in September, and wondered if any of you had any experiences with this nursery?

Also just any personal views of how your babies have done with nurseries. Obviously getting quite anxious as September approaches and just want to hear of other Mummy's views/ ideas/ advice on nursery.


penguindance Tue 17-Jul-12 00:27:10

Unfortunately I had a very bad experience with this nursery. I'm not sure how much I am allowed to post on an open forum, but if you want further details then PM me.

MammaLeDuc81 Tue 17-Jul-12 14:44:06

Yes I would like to do this - but how?! Could you private message me?

penguindance Wed 18-Jul-12 03:28:35

I've sent you a PM. Short of it is that I would not recommend this nursery.

kathflower Wed 18-Jul-12 22:28:51

Would either of you PM me as soon as possible too, as am about to request a place for my 22 month old son after a viewing and am now a bit worried.

sweeney9999 Thu 19-Jul-12 14:53:02


I have registered and will start in November now I am getting really worried please can you pm me and tell me why you were not happy. Thanks

simonebamber1 Thu 19-Jul-12 15:16:53

Hi Kathflower and MammaleDuc

Just want to give my experience of Mace at hammersmith and to be honest I am so glad I have sent my two children there. Both of them started when they were nine months old (eldest now going to school in September, and second is two and am now about to give birth to number three who is also registered to start in ten months time). They have always been kind and caring especially as I was a very nervous mum first time round but all the staff from manager, assistant manager, room leader and key worker were patient and helped me. My children have done and are doing really well and are ahead of their friends in alot of areas because of the way they follow the montessori ways. What I liked is that the staff turn over is really low with alot of staff have been there from the start. I did alot of research before I registered my children and visited every single nursery in the area and felt they were the best. Please dont worry about coming to this nursery as my children settled really well and loved their teachers and all of my friends who I have recommended have also had a great experience.

MammaLeDuc81 Sat 21-Jul-12 19:50:04

Thanks everyone for all your comments.

We actually went back for the 3rd time but unplanned to see what it was like - and felt v reassured. The girls there genuinely seem to care and there is a togetherness within the team.

They reassured me that I could call as many times as I wanted whenever I felt anxious.

The baby room seemed clean and all the babies were v happy.

Since putting up this post we have seen quite a few other nurseries who have fallen well short of satisfactory standards. In fact MM Chiswick recently got awarded Excellent in their Ofsted Report due to be published.

Thanks again for all your input xx

rickypurp Sat 11-Aug-12 12:46:34

I hope it all goes well for you and your baby. my experience was very bad with another branch of mace. like the other poster said, i am not sure how much i can post. all i can say is that i will never use a nursery where the staff look too young and inexperienced. My child was unhappy, i decided to remove him immediately.

Alessandra18 Fri 25-Oct-13 18:13:31

Hello, I would like to know if someone had a good/bad experience in Mace at Putney????

BigDaddy70 Fri 28-Feb-14 17:54:08

For anyone thinking of joining I can give a perspective from the staff point of view. my partner worked there for some time and has plenty to say, which I will do only by pm if anyone is concerned.

splasheeny Mon 03-Mar-14 00:47:24

Bigdaddy can you pm me?

TheFantasticFixit Mon 03-Mar-14 01:30:36

Can I also request PM? We have had a your round the Chiswick MACE as well and were initially very impressed, but it wasn't busy and we didn't get a great idea of activities as a result. Any more info would be great - good or bad!

HuntingforBunting Wed 12-Mar-14 06:04:22

I've heard really awful stories about mace in bloomsbury, including children not having their nappies changed regularly.

lovemybabies1 Wed 23-Apr-14 16:27:27

Hi I am looking at Mace Montessori to place my baby and I would appreciate if Bigdaddy70 and HuntingforBunting could pm me their views.

hellem Wed 20-Aug-14 09:04:17

BigDaddy70, can you pls PM me regarding Mace in Hammersmith? We are about to enroll our 2.5 year old there and concerned after reading this.

slemani2012 Thu 21-Aug-14 01:44:24

hi big daddy, my daughter start at mace hammermsith this week as aim very worried now after hearing all that . could you kindly tell me whats is wrong with the nursery please.

Hibsam Sun 31-Aug-14 22:05:06


I am trying to find out information about the north Chiswick mace montesorri .

My three old child s due to start. I would be most grateful if I could get others parents veiw about the nursery.


CornishCreamPuff Fri 05-Sep-14 15:10:35

I'm considering Mace Montessori in Hammersmith. Are there any mums who have their little ones there?
I'm slightly worried, but their most recent ofsted (12/2013) was so much better than their old ofsted.

Mummy34child123 Mon 08-Sep-14 22:31:17

I know a friend that sends her 3 years old son to Mace Montessori Chiswick
She said she is happy with the room however she did also say she wasn't happy with a certain staff within the room

fluffymouse Fri 19-Sep-14 23:46:12

I have experience of mace montesorri, it was terrible.

PM me if you want further info.

ellissj Thu 08-Jan-15 16:22:46

My Daughter attended the Mace North Chiswick branch and it was absolutely fantastic - we moved house and I haven't got over leaving there myself. She came on in leaps and bounds because of the fantastic girls there and I just haven't been able to find another nursery half as good.

The staff had a leaving party for my little girl after 10 months, they did an amazing leaving card and really made my little girl feel cherished. If I could go back I would in a heartbeat, but we now live in South London and there are no Mace Montessori's nearby sad

soso2014 Wed 14-Jan-15 16:41:55

My experience of mace montesorri hammersmith was also terrible (in 2014). My 3 year old boy was very unhappy there. The hygiene was bad, food unhealthy and staff turnover very important. My boy complained of teachers shouting at children. When he left Montessori to enter reception class he was finally happy to go to school and delighted with his new teacher.

FullersPride Wed 15-Apr-15 23:19:07

I think Mace is pretty good. I have a DD there. Initially I was underwhelmed as the premises in Hammersmith seemed a bit scruffy. However our options in the area were limited, so decided to give it a go.
My DD has the staff wrapped around her little finger, they are caring and are good about keeping me up to date with her progress.

The menu seems fine, the menus are posted up on the notice board and the food is prepared on site.

Since 2015, there has been a big refurb and the site looks much cleaner and brighter. The other thing I really like about this nursery is the sometimes twice daily walks in Ravenscourt Park.

Imnotbeverley Fri 24-Apr-15 18:54:03

North Chiswick have been terrible, we have just removed our son from there and I am in the process of writing to Ofsted about their crap communication, unbelievably high staff turnover, ratios being outside ofsted regulations, and generally bad attitude. Avoid avoid avoid

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