Mixing nanny and nursery - confusing (for DCs and us??!)

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FranciscanTrip Wed 27-Jun-12 14:57:16

Returning to work soon. Have 2 DCs, the elder is nearly 3 so will soon get 15 hrs funded nursery place. We have previously used both nanny and nursery and see pros and cons of both. I'm particularly keen that the older one is in nursery as he's nearing pre-school age. But the one-on-one care of the nanny is great, especially for the younger one, and will give me a bit of flexibility of when I need to leave work plus also will still be able to look after DCs if one of them is a bit ill, whereas nursery would send them home.

So am looking into ways we could cost-effectively mix the two together. It would be a nanny share arrangement for part of the week with another family so, in essence, we'd only be employing the nanny for 2.5 days / week.

DC1 would go to nursery in the mornings. Nanny looks after DC2. She then picks up DC1 at lunchtime and has both children in the afternoon. That would happen two days/week. On the third day younger child would go to nursery for the full day. Older child would go for the morning and have nanny with another child in the afternoon.

Confused? Yes, me too. Does anyone think this is workable or is just not going to work?

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marquesas Wed 27-Jun-12 15:00:29

Although I haven't used a nanny I have used a mix of childcare in the past without problem. The children soon get used to the pattern of the week and as long as they are happy with both types of care I don't think it's a problem.

There were days when I would have liked the flexibility of a nanny arrangement so, to me, it sounds like you have a good plan.

redglow Thu 28-Jun-12 20:01:47

Sounds fine to me I am a nanny and done a similar thing, it was fine.

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