Does anyone have experience of Toybox nursery in Biggleswade

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MINX101 Sat 23-Jun-12 17:03:52

I have signed up for my DD to start at Toybox in Biggleswade from August after visiting, reading the ofsted report (outstanding) and hearing good things from other parents who send their children there, but today I have spoken to a nursery inspector who says she wouldnt recommend it. She wouldn't really say why not , so I am interested whether anyone has any first hand experience of this nursery. I am now torn over whether to send DD there!!

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ThunderboltKid Thu 28-Jun-12 20:12:04

I don't have DC yet, but I have come across the owners in a professional capacity. I would have no hesitations in placing my children there. They are very diligent and absolutely committed to providing excellent care. But I do not know them personally and they would have been aiming to impress me IYSWIM!

NKc86aa2fX11ffbdf4903 Thu 07-Feb-13 10:38:13

Hi minx101 we are looking to move to the are and I have come across toy box and was wondering if your little one has started and if so how it is? X

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