What to get nursery teachers at end of term?

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cluelessnchaos Tue 12-Jun-12 19:46:38

I used to get them a mug, maybe filled with nice chocolates

candr Tue 12-Jun-12 19:46:08

Not 'something they have made' unless it is useful as while we appreciate the sentiment it is not something we will keep. I have been given nice scarves, stationary, jewelery all of which were inexpensive and appreciated. Chocs or wine are always lovely or home made treats to eat. Keyrings are handy or photoframes which I always loved getting or plants. It is lovely that you want to show them they are appreciated and we always love getting gifts (and no we don't 'expect' them before others get narky at me)

ilikeyoursleeves Tue 12-Jun-12 19:42:01

Anyone? smile

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ilikeyoursleeves Tue 12-Jun-12 16:41:50

DS has been going to the preschool nursery since Jan this year, two sessions a week. He finishes next week and will start school in August. He has two nursery teachers who have been absolutely fantastic, just wondering what kind of thing to get as a thank you present? Don't want to get anything too small, too big or too repetitive! Thanks.

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