1st birthday party

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zebedeeboing Sun 08-Apr-12 20:33:24

My daughter is one in a month, I'm having a wee gathering friends and family. Should I invite children from her nursery, I'm new to the area and only just getting to know parents was thinking about inviting the two I speak to regularly. Would that be ok or do I need to invite en mass?

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kaylouise2184 Sun 08-Apr-12 21:19:19

Personally I would keep it small. When I have looked in to arranging a party places tend to charge approx £10 per child and have a minimum of ten rule so it can work out very expensive. If you looking in to a hall you would have to take into account the cost of catering and entertainment.

When we recently arranged our sons 1st birthaday we were considering a hall but felt al lot of under 3 children that still probably need a nap at varying times of the day could lead to a lot of tantrums and upset for the children and a lot of stress for the children. At the age of one with little understanding of what was going on we decided to have a little tea party at home with a few close friends and family and spent the money we would have used on the party on a nice present and taking him out for a nice family day out which i think he enjoyed much more. x

Moomoomie Sun 08-Apr-12 21:33:31

Are you having the party at home?
I think it is a nice idea to invite one or two from nursery. It is a good way to chat to the other mums without the dashing off.
Keep it simple and low key.

zebedeeboing Sun 08-Apr-12 22:03:38

Yeah was just going to do it at home as a drop in between 2 and 6, cake at 4, house not big.

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babybouncer Tue 10-Apr-12 20:55:46

I think it is nice to invite the ones whose parents you talk to. I recently got an invite to a party for a girl who was only at the nursery 1 day a week and I'm not even sure which one she is - that seemed a little odd, but still nice to be invited.

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