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Nursery failings led to horrendous incidient involving my DS

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ADME Mon 02-Apr-12 22:50:36

Hi all, I need to share something awful that happened to my DS at his nursery this January - to make parents aware of the totally shocking state of operation that some nurseries are allowed to get away with , and just because a nursery has an Ofsted certificate it counts for nothing. Please please don't assume anything with your childcare. I've been left completely traumatised and unable to sleep since the incident.

On 30th January my 18mth old DS was involved in a horrific incident at his private nursery, he had only been attending for 7 days before it happened. He was left to sleep in a room with no adult supervision and on the same mattress as another child that had known behavioural problems with many biting incidents (this child had bitten my DS on the face the week before). The room was checked at 12:50pm and not again for another 10 minutes, at which point they discovered my son screaming and covered in blood. I have the most horrendous photos. He suffered a sustained attack whilst he was sleeping, by this other child. There was no adult in the room to supervise and stop anything happened, and by the extent of the injuries I think no adult could have come to his aid when he first started screaming. His whole face had been hit, bitten and scratched, including under his chin, his arm, and most shocking both of his ears were torn behind each one, which had to be glued back when he finally got to hospital.

Not only this, the nursery then did not call me for 3 hours, or take him to hospital or call an ambulance for 3 hours. According to Ofsted they handed my DS around and took photos of him. Then waited for the other child's parents to come into the nursery to view my DS, so they could understand the extent of their child's problem.

I am devastated and outraged by this.

Ofsted have since investigated the nursery, and this is still ongoing. But they have discovered that this nursery had a catalog of failings - no processes and procedures in place, no health and safety, no deputy manager, only the owner was first aid trained, who was not always on site, and my son was in fact cared for by a non-first aider. Not all her staff were CRB checked, not all staff were suitably qualified and did not know how to stimulate the children. The staff to child ratios were wrong, the list is endless - please read the current report.

You may ask yourself why on earth I put my children in this nursery, and I ask myself that question every day. But I went to look round the nursery twice with my DP, and I had friends who had children going there and gave me positive feedback, plus they were Ofsted registered.

However IMO they abused the trust of parents, and fooled everyone in the level of care they were providing.

What I have learned is that Ofsted stands for nothing. In fact this nursery had an Ofsted health and safety inspection 2 weeks before this incident, and they passed the inspection. But when the Ofsted team went in to investigate my complaint they found no health and safety procedures in place - which made the building not safe. So I am shocked that they got their Ofsted certificate 2 weeks earlier. Ofsted were not doing their job properly IMO, and as a result my son experienced this horrendous and traumatic attack. If Ofsted had been doing their job properly the nursery would either not have been allowed to open, or they would have made sure they had correct procedures in place.

I've also learned that due to their huge failings Social Services have requested that they are closed down, but Ofsted seem powerless to do so. I've been told by Ofsted that they have the most amount of power before a license is granted, but then it's virtually impossible to take it away again.

As a parent you would only leave your child with someone that has an Ofsted certificate, because you believe this is the regulatory body that ensures quality. But it's meaningless IMO.

My plight is to make all parents aware of this. To make parents scrutinize providers more, to be more demanding. Before this happened I would never have thought to ask to see a nursery's CRB numbers etc. You assume this is the job of Ofsted, and they wouldn't be registered without these basics. It's outrageous that this can be allowed to happen.

This particular nursery is trying to change I believe, although I still believe they should be shut down as they should not be profiting from childcare given their total disregard for child safety , but it's the bigger picture I want to highlight. That of Ofsted's failings, and to stop any other nursery from operating in this manor.

My children are now in new childcare, and I'm sure you can imagine that I have asked to see all certificates for everything. My older DS is at a new nursery, and my 18month old is now with an amazing childminder... who has shown me her first aid certificate, CRB checks, qualifications etc.... it doesn't stop me worrying every day though and driving myself insane with guilt and anxiety over their well-being. sad

DialsMavis Fri 06-Apr-12 23:41:42

OP, I am so sorry this happened to your son sad angrysadangry, it sounds horrific. But thank you so much for posting. I was planning on visiting this nursery with a view to moving my DD there.

Heyyyho Sat 07-Apr-12 00:01:34

You must be traumatised. I hope your son is ok and thriving ow.

This really is horrific. I can't imagine how you must feel.

Del123 Thu 12-Apr-12 16:37:46

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your son. The nursery should be shut down immediately, so shocking that nobody can be held accountable.

I used to live in Northfields and in the end also chose a nursery in Brentford (The Little School) which was fantastic, my boys were very happy there.

maples Sun 15-Apr-12 00:56:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Alltheseboys Sun 15-Apr-12 01:08:58

Hi adme. Sorry to her what happened. Please be careful about identifying the nursery publicly as I was threatened with legal action over an incident that involved my ds. Have you considered legal action yourself?
These things go on too often & i think there are too many incidents going quiet. I was reading the tragic story of a little girl who died whilst at nursery as she was unattended. I think mumsnet would be a great place to start an awareness campaign.

Schipperke Sun 15-Apr-12 01:18:12

Ofsted is a load of nonsense. My daughter was in Barnes primary nursery a few years ago and I took her out after 10 weeks because the head pulled me complaining she wouldn't sit down and that she could not write her name. I reminded him she had just had surgery on both her eyes and that she was a child who should be playing. He phoned ss who left me alone after a while. The hv defending me after meeting him and stated the head is 'regimental and controlling'. His only concern was the results of the school.
I have since put her into Educare part-time and home school her the rest. Recently I found out she has hypermobility and probable dyspraxia.
Incidently Richmond has the highest grades but also the highest amount truancy and depression in children in the UK......

ADME Mon 16-Apr-12 13:35:32

Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments. You have made me feel like I am normal to feel like this, so upset. I keep doubting myself, wondering if i'm overreacting, and I need to forget about it. But your comments have confirmed it to me that what I am feeling is normal, and I'm allowed to feel like this, because it is so bad.

But I can't move on, so I think maybe I do need a bit of counseling to help me. Thank you for your advise.


ewaczarlie Sun 22-Apr-12 22:28:29

This is every parents nightmare. I do hope your family gets through this ok. Totally agree with previous posters re litigation. Not only may the money help your family deal with this the financial impact will hopefully close this nursery down and save other children from harm

Dyeingforachange Mon 23-Apr-12 08:10:27

Totally agree about the pointlessness of Ofsted. My DS was hospitalised due to an incident at nursery. Ofsted gave them 2 weeks to produce a report into the incident and the log of safety checks. Needless to say Ofsted found it was all in order and therefore all was fine and no further action needed. The nursery's lawyers are now saying that because Ofsted found nothing wrong they have no liability for the incident. Be warned!

BoffinMum Mon 23-Apr-12 17:10:50

I would be straight to a solicitor if that happened, as others have advised. It is not about ambulance chasing, but about holding organisations to account when child neglect occurs.

BlackSwan Tue 24-Apr-12 20:28:02

How absolutely horrific. What I find most disgraceful is they didn't have the decency to allow your DS to be with his mummy IMMEDIATELY on this happening to him, what disgusting arse covering animals they are.

I recently pulled my DS out of a nursery where I just didn't feel comfortable that he or the other children were getting enough attention, while I was there for settling in there were 2 avoidable accidents/incidents involving the children. Excellent OFSTED report just made me suspicious of the whole set up.

I would be on to the BBC news.

naturalbaby Tue 24-Apr-12 20:34:31

I'm thinking of going into working in childcare, this is a shocking eye opener.
I can't even begin to imagine how there could be more to this story!

There was a MN mum a year or so ago who's dd got badly burned at her nursery if I remember correctly. All too scary.

Dyeingforachange Tue 24-Apr-12 21:35:59

That's right naturalbaby. That nursery didn't call an ambulance even though the DD was badly burned and Ofsted thought that was acceptable as their regulations only say that the nursery has to seek medical advice if a child gets hurt. Ofsted doesn't even insist that the nursery should get appropriate medical advice confused

BoffinMum Wed 25-Apr-12 09:33:37

It's the lack of compassion for the children that is so worrying. Would they let their own children get badly burned or attacked by feral toddlers and sit back and do so little?

BoffinMum Wed 25-Apr-12 09:47:19

You have the option of making a complaint of Ofsted about the fact that it gave a certificate of registration even though two weeks later some of the things it was supposed to have inspected were proven not to have been properly inspected (eg Health and Safety, First Aid). You can also take this complaint higher up to the Ofsted adjudication service if Ofsted fail to act properly.

It is perfectly possible for Ofsted to withdraw registration, but it would have to give the provider time to improve first. In this case I note they have made six unannounced visits, which would seem pretty thorough, and in their report they raise practically everything you do in your post.

Do SS actually have a written statement or document arguing that the nursery's registration should be withdrawn? If so, it may be that someone needs to bring this to the attention of the independent inspectorate in due course.

How to complain about Ofsted - stage 1

Independent Ofsted adjudication service - stage 2

BoffinMum Wed 25-Apr-12 09:58:44

BTW there is no problem with identifying poor nurseries publicly if there is publicly available documentation referring to complaints and problems (for example the document on the Ofsted website I referreding to in my last post) and you confine yourself to reporting the facts, which can be corroborated in the official documentation and any other paperwork Ofsted etc would have relating to the complaint. In other words, it would be fine to say "My DC had an accident, this is what it was, it weas preventable, I reported it, they did nothing, I think this nursery neglected my child." It would not be good to say, "This terrible nursery is run by an ex-stripper out to make a fast buck through baby farming," as you'd be laying yourself wide open to a lawsuit. <caveat - I am not a lawyer but I do have extensive professional experience in education>.

For matters of serious public concern, a third way to speak in public without fear of being sued is be an MP raising something in the House of Commons. For example, there was a case of an Ofsted inspector who hounded a teacher until she killed herself, and this was raised in the HoC as a means of getting the person's name out in the open without fear of censure for everyone, where a court case was not possible (presumably).

Look at Column 430, Bob Blizzard's comments

Guardian report on what happened

naturalbaby Wed 25-Apr-12 15:00:52

shock I didn't realise the nursery didn't call an ambulance for the child with burns!

sheeplikessleep Wed 25-Apr-12 15:08:37

What an absolutely horrific experience OP, my heart goes out to you and your DS. Heartbreaking.

elizaregina Wed 02-May-12 16:45:18

OP there is a raging debate on AIBU thread - under FIL - about this very issue, some nursery workers have bravely gone on to say that SOME nursiers are not all they seem, staff lie, pick on children, leave babies, and some people are attacking those nursery workers saying they must be awful as well!

I wish you would post your story elsewhere so people can be aware of this. I worked in old peoples home a long time ago and its same set up - there are great nurseries, staff people - but also some bad!

doormat Wed 02-May-12 17:30:07

omfg this is awful..hugs to you and your ds xxx

OFSTED are spineless

hardboiledpossum Wed 02-May-12 17:39:31

That sounds horrific, I'm so sorry for you and your DS xxx

Coconutty Wed 02-May-12 17:44:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheUnsinkableTitanic Wed 02-May-12 22:30:16

scary story
i went on to their website- it is very out of date - talks about vacancies for july 2010
large sections under construction
can the police be involved in any shape or form
civil action?

Deputyatlovelyhomelynursery Fri 11-May-12 20:39:23

Thats is shocking!! I'm so sorry to hear this and completely shocked! 100% that nursery should be shut down!

LoopyLoopsTootTootToots Fri 11-May-12 20:57:49

oh sad this made me cry How is he now? I'm so sorry this happened, it is horrific.

Counselling is a really good plan. How horribly traumatic. sad

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