Save Mr Squirrels!

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trinitymum Wed 21-Mar-12 18:27:49

We are devastated to hear that Mr Squirrel's nusery in Trinity, Edinburgh is considering closure because it can no longer compete with the big commercial nurseries that are opening with longer hours. This is such a wonderful nursery. The children are encouraged in so many exciting activities. The staff are gentle and kind. The nursery is a gorgeous little house within Bernadette's garden. How many nurseries provide home baking for snack? We, as a comminity should a try and keep nurseries like this going strong.

I am a full time working mum and I want Max to go to a nursery with the highest rating in every area (Care Commission gave it its highest rating). Not a nursery which is just satisfactory.

I have never used a site like this before but I know you all want the best for your kids too. Consider Mr Squirrels. Please go and see it now before its too late. Don't let this amazing place get lost in our commercial world.

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