Day trips

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cece Sun 04-Mar-12 20:08:18

My childminder goes out on daytrips - perhaps not quite the same - but I am happy for her to do so.

Piccalilli2 Sun 04-Mar-12 20:07:21

Yes. Because if I don't trust them to do that properly then I don't trust them to look after my child, full stop. Surely you either have adequate responsible childcare or not?

dribbleface Sun 04-Mar-12 20:04:08

As a nursery manager of course, but as a parent i would wince a little. Ask to see their risk assessment. Our trips are planned to within a inch, 1:2 ratio, head counts at specific intervals, colour coded groups so 1 senior staff member accompanies eash group (say of 3 staff/6 children) and knows which children staff they are resonsible for. If you really feel uncomfortable I'm sure they would appreciate volunters. (although in my expereince its the volunters that cause much of the stress.........oh little johnny (their child) doesn't like to wear seat belt, shoes in the woods, sit down to eat!)

insancerre Sat 03-Mar-12 10:09:26

Why wouldn't you?
What do you think is going to happen?

HSMM Fri 02-Mar-12 19:24:26

And how they are getting there ... car seats etc.

HSMM Fri 02-Mar-12 19:23:53

Depends on where and how they are being supervised. Probably yes.

NatashaBee Thu 01-Mar-12 00:31:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.


brokenglass Thu 01-Mar-12 00:30:24

Would you let your two year old go on a day trip with their nursery without you?

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