Is it ok to change nurseries?

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mum21boy Mon 27-Feb-12 23:31:42

Hi - my DS has been at his current nursery since the beginning of Feb and seeing as we didn't get enough notice prior to his start date (which I thought was a bit strange as surely they must have had advance notice themselves), we were doing his settling in days during the month he was actually meant to have been 'settled in'. TBH this nursery was my 2nd choice and I wasn't completely in love with it but I felt I had no choice as my 1st choice which I do love had no spaces and couldn't tell me when I would be getting in.
Anyway - today I got a call from my 1st choice saying they had availability now, albeit one day for now, but I'm so excited about this and would like to move my DS to this new one....but not sure if this is mean and not ideal for him. End of the day I want to do what is best for him.
The 1st choice said seeing as he's only been going for a few weeks (of which it's only been a few hrs at a time during the 2 days a week he's signed up for and the fact that he's been off ill for some of those days), they didn't think it would be an issue for him to change (but then they would say that wouldn't they as they would want our money!?!?!)
Been going over the pros and cons all day and I think I know what I will do, but wanted to throw this question out there to see if anyone had any experiences of changing nurseries so soon after they started? He's only 10 mons and he seems pretty adaptable.
Any thoughts?

ps: i have also read the 2 ofsted reports and my 1st choice does come out better......and the reviews on MN on the two nurseries, seem to confirm this also.

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BlackSwan Tue 28-Feb-12 13:29:02

I would send him to whichever one you are more comfortable with. I wouldn't hesitate switching if you think he will have better care/enjoy nursery more at the new place. Children are adaptable... if the last few weeks have made him adjust to being without you in a nursery setting, it may not be such a big deal for him to move.

Mandy21 Tue 28-Feb-12 18:38:06

Agree, I would move him. We moved nurseries after my twins had been at my 2nd choice (couldn't get in at 1st choice) - they were about 2.5yrs at the time. Really struggled with the decision. As it turned out, they didnt reallt bat an eyelid and I was so much happier when they moved.

Agree with previous posters - children are 10 times more adaptable than you think they are, he won't have formed any strong attachments yet and if you're happy with the 1st choice nursery, it will make the future 10 times easier too knowing that he's getting the best care.

mum21boy Tue 28-Feb-12 18:45:22

Thanks guys - so the other thing is do I make something up or tell them the truth? I don't want his current carers to think they were really bad, as I thought they were nice enough. Or does one just say that I'm shifting him because my 1st choice came up and they have a better report / facilities / cheaper etc?!?!? Need to hand in our notice tonight to avoid any further payments........

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BlackSwan Tue 28-Feb-12 21:44:51

I don't think you have to justify yourself. I would speak with the manager say you/your partner have discussed it and while you appreciate all the care your son's keyworker etc gave him, you just found out he was accepted elsewhere and you think it might suit you better to try that.

I really do understand where you're coming from though... it can be uncomfortable having those kinds of conversations. What you definitely shouldn't do is base your decision to move/not to move on what anyone else might think. You're his mum and you know what's best.

Jewson Wed 29-Feb-12 20:04:26

Most nurseries have a notice period were u have to pay fees still I work in a nursery and my son goes to one the notice period is 4 weeks

mum21boy Wed 29-Feb-12 21:33:51

Yeah - mine has a month's notice period, so we have paid for March, but I'm no longer keen to let him go (I am still on leave so can easily spend more time with him). Also you never really know what they will be like to him (I'm sure I'm being super para), but I have visions of him crying and nobody going to him because they can no longer be bothered to make an effort with him. I told them the truth about why we were leaving and they seemed ok. I guess it happens sometimes.
Now I only hope the new one lives up to my expectations!! smile

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