picking a nursery in glasgow .. any advice?

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flynnsmummyleanne Tue 21-Feb-12 15:37:33

im new to all this as a first time mum , choosing between either hyde n seek nursery in springburn area of glasgow or clever clogs in balornock.. does anybody have advice or any experience with these two nurseries ?? not sure what to do

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Tweet2tweet Thu 23-Feb-12 08:51:26

I'm in Glasgow too! I would suggest you visit each one to get a feel for them. One you've done that I would suggest that you look at the ratings each of the nurseries have:

Then make a decision based on that. I feel so overwhelmed by it all too!
Hope this helps.

flynnsmummyleanne Thu 23-Feb-12 21:41:21

thats great thanks , i have visited both nurseries and i have checked the site u suggested. so think i will be sending him to hyde n seek .. just need to hope i can handle not being with my baby 24/7 lol

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