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festivalwidow Thu 09-Feb-12 12:12:55

Hi all, my DD is nearly 2 and due to move 'up' at nursery in a couple of months. She has a great relationship with all the staff and is really happy that she'll be with her slightly older friends soon.
Her keyworker has been absolutely brilliant with her and they've built up a great bond. I'd love to get her something special when DD moves up, but don't know if it's 'done' IYSWIM.

Anyone have any thoughts? It seems a shame to say 'oh well, see you round then' when she has encouraged my quirky DD so much over the last year.

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iliketea Thu 09-Feb-12 16:01:23

I think that a well written thank you card is very well appreciated.

I'm a nurse, and I always appreciate a patient writing to thank the team for all their help much more satisfying than recieving a gift - it makes me feel like I've actually made a difference, if someone has gone to the effort of writing to say thanks.

Failing that, chocolate? Some nice goodies? A voucher for boots / debenhams.

insancerre Sat 11-Feb-12 08:08:10

As a nursery nurse, I would agree with iliketea. The gifts that have impressed me the most and reduced me to tears are the ones that just say how much of a difference I have made and how much I am appreciated.
Flowers always go down well too grin

insancerre Sat 11-Feb-12 08:08:58

oh and write a letter to the management too, it might get her a pay-rise

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