Recommendations for good nurseries in Harrigay for babies aged 8 months

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julesperks Sat 21-Jan-12 12:13:56

I'm currently looking at nurseries in the Haringey area for my son who will be 8 months in June. I would love to hear any positive/negative feedback from parents who's babies go to the following nurseries:
Orange Day Nursery
Keiki day care
Or of any other nurseries in the area that people can highly recommend.
Thanks for your help.

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smearedinfood Thu 23-Feb-12 12:58:28

DS goes to Noah's Ark in Wood Green. He seems happy, he takes me by the hand and gesticulates what he's been doing that day when I pick him, "looks like something quite beautiful with macaroni my lovely DS".

It took him a while for him to not used to having his Mum around and settle in but his lively self now presides. He loves his key worker and you get a happy vibe when you come in to pick him up.

They want to move the big room... (goes off to sob quietly at the speed in which they grow up)...

moogster1a Thu 23-Feb-12 14:43:48

For an 8 month old I would choose a childminder. Much more one to one in a home environment with all the benfits of EYFS, OFSTED regulation etc.
With the right person, the child has continuity of care up to school age and beyond.

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