Wood Green nurseries v childminder

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wendycj Fri 13-Jan-12 10:53:26

Anyone have any experience of nurseries in Wood Green? Am looking for one for when my son turns three in November to take advantage of the 15 free hours. He's currently with a childminder who lives very close by so is v convenient and she's great, warm and lovely and there's a really nice group of boys all around the same age. But she doesn't take the children out very much and I worry that as he gets older there isn't enough kind of structured activity.

So at the moment I'm wondering whether to move him to a nursery for the three full days that we need or use a school nursery close by for the five morning or afternoon sessions which the childminder could still take him to. Would like him to go to Belmont school but they only do nursery for a year, starting the term before the children turn four. Nurseries I'm looking at at the mo include Noel Park daycare centre, Noah's Ark, Noel Park primary school nursery and Woodside - but they've said there's a two-year wait. Does anyone have any thoughts or experiences of these nurseries?

Many thanks

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