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Busy bees nurseries - your views?

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Eclairwaldorf Fri 16-Dec-11 06:06:35

Bit of a sweeping statement but can you give me your opinions/ experiences of busy bees nurseries please? My local one used to be. A leapfrog nursery but has recently changed to bb.

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Eclairwaldorf Fri 16-Dec-11 16:38:52

Anyone? blush

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splashymcsplash Sat 17-Dec-11 00:16:39

Only heard bad things about them and not impressed when I visited. This is only relating to 2 branches though.

Noopypappy Sat 17-Dec-11 16:34:36

I visited two- completely different to one another - I hated one and really liked the other. Didn't send ds to either though as preferred another one.

MysteriousHamster Sat 17-Dec-11 22:00:29

My son goes to one in Hertfordshire and we really like it.

There is little staff turnover, most have been there for years. They are communicative, friendly, good with the kids. A bit pricey though, and prices have just gone up.

I suspect they probably differ from nursery to nursery.

cookielove Sun 18-Dec-11 21:41:47

I've heard mixed reviews, although i think they may provide a pretty standard all round care, as with most chains, there is a certain standard that they will have to stick to, where as independent nursery have no rules (apart from ofsted) to conform to.

So most are open 7-7 that can be seen as a good aspect if you need childcare for long hours.

The local ones in my area (herts) while having some good reputations in childcare, (although not all) they all report to treat their staff like shit. sad

I wouldn't work in one, and i've been in childcare for 10 years

Eclairwaldorf Sun 18-Dec-11 22:53:22

Thanks all for replies, have heard mixed messages about the chain too but my local one seems to be pretty decent... Going to have another look around this week so will jabs a think once I have been.

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rushofbloodtothefeet Sun 18-Dec-11 22:56:22

Our one is completely fabulous grin. DD and DS have both attended and have both been happy, settled and very well looked after. It does not feel like a chain - apart from the Xmas presents which are branded. The management are great, staff turnover is low, the range of activities is great, the outside space is inspiring. I really cannot praise it highly enough.

I think you have to see them all individually grin

NovemberAli Fri 30-Dec-11 19:13:57

DD has been at a Busybees for 8 mo now and has settled well. As others have said staff turnover is low and they don't use agency staff for cover only their own bank staff. Have been very happy with her care there so far, fantastic facilities and lovely staff apart from one factor - as the nursery is so large the age range in each class in quite narrow so she is about to be moved up to the next class again. So far she has spent 4 mo in each class, just enough time to establish really good staff relationships before being moved sad. This was something I hadn't considered when choosing the nursery so something worth asking when you're looking around.

slipslider Wed 18-Apr-12 21:51:31

I worked for bb for 6 years and then the tender for my nursery changed to another company, the company supported the staff well and offered many opportunity for staff to do additional training - first aid, child protection, epi pen training etc. however, i do think that the nursery is more reflective of the staff and their team moreso than the company behind them. If the staff are motivated, creative, caring and know their stuff then it the nursery will be successful. if the staff are lazy, unmotivated and only in work for the pay packet then the nursery will be poor.

samharnold Tue 04-Feb-20 16:52:36

I seriously wouldn’t bother they are a terrible organisation with some very discriminatory practices.

Recently we visited out local nursery in Ashford, Kent. We were welcomed in and shown around. This was when we mentioned our little girl had ASD. The Senco then informed us that they had no spaces. When I rang two day’s later to put my imaginary child into the nursery, this time with no ASD, they have several spaces they could offer me.

Rang to complain to head office who then got the manager to ring us. Was promised a needs led assessment, tour of all the local Busy Bee’s and an application form. None have arrived, it is now two weeks.

It is obvious my daughter has been discriminated against because of her diagnosis which is against the governments inclusion policy.

Appalling nursery.

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