Nurseries in north london

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jgrime99 Mon 12-Dec-11 21:40:03

Hi there, my son is nearly 6mths and i have been recomended to start getting him into a nurseries system (apparently there is a huge wait in london).
We live in friern barnet N11 but am willing to take him to any day nursery in and around the north london area.

Im usure as to whether they have different costing scales and or whether you need to be a certain religion we are both christian one catholic one protestant.

Does anyone have any advice .

I would gratefully appreciate it and am so grateful for this sites help when i was experiencing some early baby worries.


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pickcherries Wed 14-Dec-11 20:36:14

In Finchley Central behind Tesco you have the new Magic2 my niece goes there and loves it couldn't recommend it more! check it out!!

jgrime99 Sun 18-Dec-11 11:05:24

Thanks. How are you supposed to find out about nurseries? is there a website or anything?

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