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Question for anyone else at Little Angels Nursery Highbury

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wgypsygirl Thu 17-Nov-11 09:29:07

My son has been there since he was 6 months old. He's 2 now. Up until this point I've been happy with it. However, I've had problems with the owners/administrators as it seems that they hide behind various policies without actually looking at the child. They seem totally removed from the actual day to day goings on, yet they try to spew policy at you whenever you have a question instead of actually speaking to their staff that look after the children. Has anyone else had problems with them?

chookychooky Thu 09-May-13 21:36:52

Hope you found a better place for your DS. Your DS is nearly 4, time flies! Mine is there at the moment and I have the same issue with the management. Decided to quit my job so only have him in a nursery for 2 half days, LA wouldn't accept that because the minimum is 3. Can't afford it. They are tooooo expensive for just one income. by the way, giving two months notice and only accept at the end of month are just being greedy! I am sure there are other options in the area. I am not going to buy into their monopoly.

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