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WendyGall Mon 24-Oct-11 00:47:22

I am thinking about returning to work February 2012 for 3 days a week, I work in Glasgow city centre. My DD is 5 months old just now and ideally I would like to put her into a nursery for one day a week (why some nurseries recommend 2 days I haven't found out yet).

Can anyone recommend a good nursery in Broomhill or Glasgow city centre?

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DottyandSpottyWot Mon 24-Oct-11 13:34:04

I've got no suggestions about nurseries at that side of town, you could try this website to find SCSWIS inspection reports about nurseries, and you can search by postcode!

Nurseries recommend 2 days as a minimum as it takes much longer for a p/t place child to settle into nursery life, its harder for children to form bonds if they are only there a day etc, even 2 mornings or 2 afternoons would be better if you have someone thats able to pick up/drop off.

Good luck in finding a nursery that you and your wee one like.

AnnaCHill Fri 18-Nov-11 13:50:32


I don't know if you've managed to find a nursery yet but I'd highly recommend Broomhill nursery which is just on Crow Road, not too far from the West End Retail Park. My little girl has been going there a couple of months and loves it (she's just turned 1). They are very accommodating with hours as they've only been open about a year. Their phone no. is 0141 334 8003.

Hope this helps.

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