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Croup at DD nursery... How worried should I be?

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1catherine1 Fri 21-Oct-11 18:53:12

My DD is 7mo. She goes to nursery for only 3 hours a week. Today the lady who runs the nursery told me that 2 of the boys who attended the nursery were off this week due to having croup. I've never heard of it before but she said that it looks much the same as a cold but if DD had problems breathing I should sit her up and phone an ambulance. confused

She also told me that it was strange that the two boys had got it because the 2 boys had been doing opposite days for the last 2 weeks so not seen each other. Also with each of the boys the symptoms came on suddenly. eg. "They were happy and well at nursery and then the next day I get a call that he was hospitalised last night".

Phoned my mum for advice and although she had heard of it and vaguely knew what it was she didn't know much. She just suggested putting the travel cot in my bedroom tonight so that I could keep an eye on her for my own peace of mind.

I was wondering what others knew of this illness - am I worrying too much? Half term now so DD is going to be at home with me so she won't be exposed to anything now but was wondering how long before I can stop worrying.

PS - sorry I put it here.. couldn't really find anywhere else to put it...


RitaMorgan Fri 21-Oct-11 18:58:29

Croup is pretty common - I didn't realise it was contagious though. It gives them a bad cough and can cause breathing difficulties which are worse at night, but it isn't often bad enough to require hospital treatment.

Scarfmaker Sun 23-Oct-11 00:51:05

Croup is very contagious - I would be surprised that the nursery hasn't issued some kind of newsletter really letting parents know they have cases.

It starts as a hacking, rasping cough. Not sure of the incubation time (like say chickenpox is 10-14 days after contact with someone with it) but just keep an eye for any cold/cough symptoms.

JujyFruits Sun 23-Oct-11 01:06:39

Croup isn't an illness in itself as far as I know. It's develops in young children due to a cold, or similar virus. And as you know colds are very contagious and there's loads of them around at the moment.
DD had it when 6 months, we had several nights of poor sleep due to her coughing and then she got better. If your child is wheezy you can help them by putting them in a steamy room (run a shower and let the bathroom fill up with steam). Obviously if they get worse and are struggling to breathe you go to A&E.

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