How to pick out of two good nurseries?

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BackPackBackPack Wed 19-Oct-11 13:05:30

My DD (3.1) has been offered two nursery placements starting in January. We were not expecting this as one of the nurseries told us that she would most likely not start in January as some parents have their child's name down really early, so they are over subscribed each year. So as we were told that we looked at another nursery and they have also offered her a place.

Nursery 1
Is afternoon sessions.
It has been recommended to us by a social worker.
In a nice part of the town (even though it will take us 15-20 mins to get there with dd, as we don't drive)
It has a big play area outside (we have a tiny little yard)
Most of the children go to the better primary school after.
The staff were warm and welcoming when we went to view it.
According to ofsted they have been "outstanding" on 4 separate occasions.
The website is very informative.
The children don't need to wear a uniform even though they do sell it.
We need to go to see the headteacher and get childcare for dd for the meeting (MIL will have DD for the meeting)
The website states how they settle the children in and the process.

Is 2 full days and 1 half days a week
It will take less then 5mins to get there.
It is attached to a school.
The reception children go into the nursery class a few times a week.
We have to walk past the nursery play area every-time we go out.
The staff were warm and welcoming.
The children have to wear full school uniform.
Ofsted rates it as "good"
The nursery teacher will do a home visit.
The website does not really mention the nursery.
Has a pet that the children look after.

Both nurseries are good and both have their bad points so we can't decide which one is the best one.

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MummyNic Wed 26-Oct-11 00:20:36

Which school do you think your dc will go to? I had a similar dilemma (but would have had to delay start at the "slightly better" one) and chose the one nearest our home & his future school. I like to think he'll have some familiar faces on his first day at school which I couldn't guarantee at the other one.
Use your heart: wherever is safe grin

MummyNic Wed 26-Oct-11 00:22:31

Oh, I've checked the admissions policies for local primary schools and they are very catchment focused. You'd need to check that you fall into the better schools catchment as nursery won't matter to them smile

BackPackBackPack Fri 28-Oct-11 00:13:47

I have checked the catchment area and DD is slap bang in the middle of them both as both are very close to home but one is closer to the other so there is more chance she goes to the closest one.

DP is also going towards the closest one as the times of the sessions are for DD and as I am under a surgeon quite far from me the appointments takes al day so the closer one is better as we would be able to arrange the hospital times around DD nursery without making her take time off as we can't get childcare.

We also know someone who has sent their child to the closest nursery so there is a chance DD will know someone who she used to know when DD was a baby at the closest nursery.

I am now going more towards the closest (not so good) nursery over the better one.

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menopausemum Fri 28-Oct-11 22:09:48

Two things leap out at me. First, one has a large outdoor play area - well worth choosing on these grounds.
Second, one has the chidlren in full school uniform - sounds very rigid for such young children, do they have other things where the children are expected to conform at an early age.

EdithWeston Fri 28-Oct-11 22:17:48

It is exceedingly rare that having a nursery place makes one whit of difference to admission to the school, so unless the LA website specifically lists it as a criteria, discount that from your thinking.

I'd go for the one that fits the logistics of your home routine best and which "feels" right.

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