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Please help - Nurseries recommendations in/near NW2, NW3, NW11, NW6

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Takora Thu 06-Oct-11 00:30:15

Hi. I'm thinking about moving my LO out of the nursery he is at currently in Golders Green, but I'm worried that if I move him I'll be swapping one set of problems for another. I'm really looking for somewhere where the staff really show affection for the children and interact with them regularly, and where the food they offer is decent! At the moment, we just do two mornings a week, but I may increase this in the future if we find somewhere we are really happy with. sad If anyone has any good (or bad) experiences of nurseries in these areas, I'd really, really appreciate your advice to help me choose. Also, do you think it is worth investing in somewhere that offers the webcam service? I think it would put my mind at ease....! A very big thank you in advance.

Monstef Fri 14-Oct-11 12:27:48

My friends daughter is at active learning in nw6 with aweb cam and both mother and daughter are very happy. I visited the nursery but their admin staff are very disorganised and i wasnt impressed with baby rooms akthough i liked the upatairs toddler rooms. Book a visit to go and see.
I liked jellitots on christchurch avenue in nw2, but again, go and visit as its the only way you geta real feel for it. It got an outstanding ofsted report.
Fordwych nursery also had an outstanding ofsted report and many parents would queue up to register and go there but it is small and very recently changed ownership. I didnt like west hampsyead day nursery which is part of asquith. A bit shabby and i really felt staff burst into song every time i walked in the room so it felt a bit put on.

Karoleann Tue 25-Oct-11 13:35:22

My children go to active learning too and usually I'm very happy with it. Food is generally good and most of the staff are nice.
I must say though that no nursery will ever do things 100% they way you would yourself.
Fordwych is a preschool, I'm assuming your son is under 2.

Fleur35 Thu 27-Oct-11 00:11:33

Hi takora. We are looking at two nurseries in golders green at the moment for 19 mth old. Not impressed with great learners but thought asquiths better. Which one are you at currently? I am struggling to make a decision and so looking at nanny share although that seems hard to find.

MrsL1 Tue 01-Nov-11 22:40:12

Bright Futures Nursery in the NW6 area is lovely. Really small, cosy and homely (the children all wear slippers and the environment is really relaxed) and has a nice outdoor area. Check them out and see what you think.

GoldysMum Thu 17-Nov-11 00:17:03

We were very happy with Chaston in NW6 where DD went for two years until recently. It is small and had a very warm family feel to it. I visited Active Learning a few times while trying to decide. It was newer and shinier but I didn't feel it had the personal touch that Chaston had. It doesn't have cameras but for me that wasn't necessary. I got a great rundown of what was happening each day and a happy DD, which was most important. Oh and a hot cooked lunch every day.

Takora Sun 04-Nov-12 23:44:55

So sorry to be replying a year late - it's shocking! I wrote the post and then a loss meant that I pretty much forgot everything. A very belated thank you for your replies. For what it's worth and to help anyone else searching for similar information, here is my reply.
My son was nearly 2 when I wrote the post and he attended Asquith in Golders Green. Now that he is able to talk, we were chatting about his current nursery and suddenly out of the blue he told me that he didn't like "the other one." I was surprised he even remembered it. He was there for about 7 months I think. He always hated the food - I tried it occasionally and agreed with him. It was very bland and I wouldn't have wanted to eat it. (The only have a hot plate and frequently used baked beans in their dishes which wasn't to my taste. To cater for his milk allergy they gave him boiled fish with no seasoning until I found out!) I felt that the staff were, in general, quite lazy in terms of interacting with the children and given half a chance they would sit back and let them get on with it rather than taking opportunities to teach them new skills or vocabulary. The majority of the staff there at the time didn't speak what I would call "good English" - by this I am referring to their grammar and pronunciation. For me this was really important, as I wanted my son to at least start off knowing correct English before he learns any social variations. Since we don't speak English at home, it was even more important as at the time, nursery was the only place he was exposed to English. I should mention that in the room the children go to after the baby room (I forget the name), the Chinese lady in charge was extremely involved and motivated and obviously loved her job. Unfortunately, her accent was so strong that I found it hard to understand her most of the time and I did not feel that she was a good language model for my son, but had the other teachers all provided good examples, it would have been less of an issue.
The main reason I withdrew him was the food and the fact the he literally bawled every time I had to take him. He obviously hated it there and he has now been able to confirm that to me.

Thank you for the suggestions of nurseries in Kilburn, but it is just a bit too far for us.

I moved him to a nursery in West Hampstead which we are far happier with, although it also has its issues, which they will hopefully iron out. Unfortunately they have chosen not to offer the free 15 hours, so we are probably looking to move again, but are at a bit of a loss as to where to go, so if anyone has any recommendations or suggestions, please post them. Thank you!

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