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Heath club creche - daft question!

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schroedingersdodo Tue 27-Sep-11 15:29:12

I know it's a stupid thing to ask, but does DS need any sort of settling in a gym/health club creche? I see children spending weeks of settling in "real" nurseries, but then when it comes to 2 hours in the creche of a health club no one mentions anything. Am I suppose to leave him there and walk away?

DS is 17mo and has never been to a nursery or anything like that. He stays with me, DH or relatives, but has never had any other sort of childcare (he never had a baby sitter, for example, as he's a bad sleeper and doesn't settle with other people).

I'm planning to go to gym a couple of times a week, and the health club nearby (Swiss Cottage Health Centre) has a creche where he can stay up to 2 hours a day.

I know I'm making a big fuss of that, but I have huge issues leaving him with other people. What if he feels insecure? Will there be different staff every day or is it always the same people?

Thanks and please be gentle with me smile

Karoleann Wed 28-Sep-11 14:01:24

Do you mean Esporta at Swiss Cottage? Before you book for the first time they do a half hour settling in session, where you stay for a bit fill in paper work and they explain how the creche runs. Its usually in the afternoon (when its quieter).
The council gym at swiss cottage doesn't as its too busy, you need to book first tying in the moring to get a spot!

notcitrus Wed 28-Sep-11 14:25:14

It varies - my local leisure centre creche is literally drop and go, which I wouldn't have been happy with except the worker is a lovely grandmother who has max 5 under-5s in the creche and usually only 1-2 other children, and ds crawled onto her quite happily.
No way to tell without asking.

schroedingersdodo Thu 29-Sep-11 00:34:43

Thank you very much for your responses!
Karoleann, I'm thinking about a membership at the leisure Centre at the Swiss Cottage library (Esporta is a bit pricey!). Good to know it's very busy. I wonder if it's more adequate to "tougher" children who are used to creches, maybe? (or is it just me being insecure?)
Notcitrus, thanks, good to have another view.
I'm not usually an insecure annoying woman (I hope, at least) but when it comes to childcare everything is a bloody nightmare and I never know what to do...

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