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Two nurseries in 5 months?

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SconesForTea Mon 26-Sep-11 22:26:32

DD is 19m. There is a good nursery a very short walk away that takes children from 2y, and I have applied for DD to start there two afternoons a week in 5 months time.

I am 36w pg, a SAHM, and really struggling with looking after DD full time. Ideally I would like her to start nursery pretty much immediately, before the baby is born. There is another good nursery a longer walk away (I don't drive) which could take DD now.

How detrimental would it be for DD to start at the further away nursery, then in 5 months time swop to the nearer one?

I would not normally consider chopping and changing like this but I am utterly exhausted and desperate. No family nearby to help. Dreading having 2 childrem to look after full time sad

Stayathomebum Tue 27-Sep-11 10:53:48

I changed my DD's nursery when she was 15 months because we were not happy with the level of care that she received. She had been there for 2/3 days per week since she was 10 months old.

She started at the new nursery a couple of months ago and she absolutely loves it and luckily she settled in very well. We did do taster sessions at the new nursery though for 3 weeks before she made the transition.

I do think it depends on the nature of your DD. Is she easily unsettled/unsure of strangers? If so she might really struggle changing after 5 months, especially as at 2 I imagine that they will be going into a 'bigger' room with more children and where it may seem a little more chaotic.

I suppose you are the best judge of how you think your DD will cope, but in my experience changing nursery was a really good move for us. I agonised over the decision for weeks and was very worried about DD but now I am very glad we did it.

I hope all goes well with the new DC, I am sure you will all be fine smile

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