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Pulling out of nursery - best approach to getting my money back?

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jcandps Mon 26-Sep-11 14:00:17

Should I option a) tell them I think that they are not working in the best interests of my child by insisting she has a full time place when I believe her young age means she is better suited to being part time and that I find her key worker inappropriate in her stories to me about the other children. As such I want to pull her out and get my deposit back and next terms fees.
b) exclaim that we can't afford it and that she can't cope with being full time, thus I have to put her in part time and pay for help on the other days in order to go back to work to pay the fees, therefore I'm willing to work with the nursery (who I know have parents who want a space now) and will happily take her out now if that is the best way going forward for them, in the hopes they will give me my deposit and refund some of this terms fees.

We are week 3 and deposit is a term's notice.

cjbartlett Mon 26-Sep-11 14:02:10

Well if it's in your contract that they keep your deposit then you're stuffed im afraid

TiggyD Mon 26-Sep-11 16:16:28

If you're doing part time and want to leave and they have full time children who want to start, It's in both your interests for your child to leave and the other start. Try to negotiate something. And make a complaint about the member of staff's stories. And the nagging to get you to do full time.

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