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Has anyone started up a nursery and has advice on doing so?

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leannac Tue 20-Sep-11 21:01:54

I live in Raynes Park and am looking to start a nursery that offers more of an outdoor experience as I grew up playing outdoors and would like my daughter and her friends to do the same. I think it's incredibly important for both health and development for children to spend lots of time in the great outdoors but am not really sure where to start with opening a nursery. Do I write a business plan or contact the council to apply for permission or is there another list of things I need to do to get things moving? Any suggestions/help?

boomyboy Fri 23-Sep-11 13:39:25

Are you planning on buying a new property or converting your home? Youll need at least a four bed semi with large garden. As you know, these dont come cheap in London, so the first thing would be to scout for a suitable location and find out if you can afford the property price. Bear in mind the banks will require a minimum of 30% deposit for a business mortgage. It would ideally be on a main road somewhere near to the local train station and as many schools as possible while still in a residential area.

littletime Sat 24-Sep-11 20:52:11

you need someone with a qualification and minimum two year's experience - download the statutory requirement for the EYFS and read all about staffing and building etc to kick start your lists - good luck - it's worth it. I started mine whilst pregnant and did my qualifications afterwards - you can start one with no qualifications and just employ great staff to lead it - that way you also learn from their experiences as well as your own in your own setting. Good luck. Oh and I'm sure the council have some check to see if there is need for another childcare setting in your area and you never know there may be a grant or at least a teeny tiny one that you could tap into!?!

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